‘I Remember After I Used To Finish Shoot I Would Just Cry Every Night’ – Kangana Ranaut


Kangana Ranaut opened up about her intense scenes in Katti Batti to Hindustan Times in a recent interview. The actress has said that even thought Katti Batti looks like a rom-com, it’s really not. The movie is based on new age relationships which starts as a love story but soon becomes a thriller! Yep, doesn’t look like that does it? Here’s what Kangana has to say:

“For an actor, playing such a character can be very overwhelming and if you are young, it can give some staggering impressions on your mind. I remember, after I used to finish shoot I would just cry every night and then my mother came over and I even cried with her, thinking about so many things. So, definitely this is the most intense character I’ve ever played in a film. Katti Batti unfolds in a thriller format. Yes, there are songs and various funny moments in the film. But, I’m not a crying person at all and when you see yourself why would you cry because you know that you have done this. So when people cry in my films, I wish I could experience what they experience. For me, it’s damaged, I’ve done it… But when I saw Katti Batti, I cried myself and was like ‘Oh god that is some intense s**t going on there’ and I told Nikhil that you have made such a ‘rondu’ (emotional) film. But, if I could cry then everyone would cry.”

This is rather unexpected, isn’t it? Has your opinion changed about Katti Batti now?

Source : http://www.missmalini.com/2015/08/28/i-remember-after-i-used-to-finish-shoot-i-would-just-cry-every-night-kangana-ranaut/

‘After 9 Years Of Hard Work & Success You’re Referring To A Successful Person As Someone’s Girlfriend?’ – Katrina Kaif


Katrina Kaif is pissed off and for a good reason! The actress opened up about the amount of interest the media and the world have in her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor and how angry it makes her. No, it’s not the relationship that gets on her nerves, it’s the fact that people often forget her work as an actor and refer to her as ‘someone’s girlfriend‘. Katrina believes that she has made her own identity in the past nine years with a lot of hard work and by God’s grace she has achieved the success she aimed for. But all those years of struggle and work is often forgotten when it comes to addressing her in public. It boils her blood when her identity is only limited to being Ranbir Kapoor’s girlfriend.

Source : http://www.missmalini.com/2015/08/28/after-9-years-of-hardwork-success-youre-referring-to-a-sucessful-person-as-someones-girlfriend-katrina-kaif/

Karan Johar’s “Last Dance” On Jhalak Will Make You Want To Shake!



Karan Johar‘s last Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa episode’s promo has already given us the feels. We don’t want you to leave yet, KJo. But trust Karan to bring flair to everything he does. While he is super emotional on his farewell episode, he also belted out some super cool moves.


Source :http://www.missmalini.com/2015/08/28/karan-johars-last-dance-on-jhalak-will-make-you-want-to-shake/


John Abraham Opens Up About His Divorce Rumours!


John Abraham recently opened up to the media about his personal life. Rumours of a separation between John and his wife Priya Abraham have been doing the rounds since many months now. But, at a media interaction for his movie – Welcome Back, John dismissed the said rumours, saying that all is well in his beautiful paradise. Indian Express reported that the actor believes that his silence is often mistaken as his weakness.

“I believe in being quiet because I feel that is dignified. I keep quiet but unfortunately I also see lot of negative press sometimes around me and that is very disparaging and discouraging. I feel I don’t deserve it and no one in my family deserves it. Just because no one speaks doesn’t mean you can go out and say anything you want.”

About the state of his long-distance marriage, John elaborated:

“All is superb in paradise… to set the record straight. Everything is beautiful in paradise. It is not true. You believe all that crap. I just feel bad when people put out things. All is beautiful in (my) paradise. I was doing a comedy film but I did not know that comedy was happening outside my life… just put all this rumours to rest…there is nothing happening. It is all superb.”

Good to know!

Source : http://www.missmalini.com/2015/08/27/john-abraham-opens-up-about-his-divorce-rumours/

Salman Khan Just Showed His Fans The Royal Logo Of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo


After a long gap, Salman Khan is working with Sooraj Barjatiya once again in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. As you can see from the leaked pictures that this one is going to be a royal affair. The movie also stars Sonam Kapoor and Neil Nitin Mukesh with Salman. This family movie will be gracing our screens in November this year. And we’re super excited for it!

Salman just tweeted the logo of the movie in his own ish-style:


Like it?

Source : http://www.missmalini.com/2015/08/25/salman-khan-just-showed-his-fans-the-royal-logo-of-prem-ratan-dhan-payo/

Sanjay Dutt To Get 30 Days Parole… Again!


Sanjay Dutt is now getting 30 days parole from his jail term. According to reports, the actor’s daughter is sick and needs a nose surgery. The law allows a convict 30 days parole in case of natural calamities, ill-health of a prisoner or his family members. In fact, this parole is extendable by 60 days, so the actor might be out of jail for 3 months if things work in his favour.

Let’s hope that his daughter’s surgery goes well!

Source: http://www.missmalini.com/2015/08/26/sanjay-dutt-to-gets-30-days-parole-again/

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan To Make Her Singing Debut With Jazbaa!


It is no secret that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a good singer. So when the trailer of her upcoming movie Jazbaa released, director Sanjay Gupta expressed his desire to have Ash sing in the film. He said there are no plans yet, but this is definitely an idea he wants to explore with his leading lady.

Sanjay said:

“Till now there are no plans but there is an idea.”

And Ash said:

“Let’s talk about future things in the future. I think it is going on since quite sometime. It is not a new thing. Paa (Amitabh Bachchan) has been singing forever. Today, actors have started singing probably because they want to do natural things… something that comes to them.”

We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

Source : http://www.missmalini.com/2015/08/26/aishwarya-rai-bachchan-to-make-her-singing-debut-with-jazbaa/

Sooraj Pancholi Finally Talks About Jiah Khan – Here Are 3 Things He Said!



After Jiah Khan‘s alleged suicide two years ago, everyone wanted to speak to Sooraj Pancholiabout it as he was dating her at the time. But Sooraj, along with his entire family, chose to keep mum. However, now that Sooraj is gearing up for his Bollywood debut Hero, he’s finally opening up about Jiah Khan.

Apparently, it was his mentor Salman Khan‘s idea. That’s right! We hear that it was Salman who told Sooraj, that if he doesn’t talk about Jiah when asked, the media will misconstrue that and a lot of negative publicity will build pre-release.

Here are 3 things he said:

       1. On whether he’s guilty…

“Dekho main kabhi saamne se nahi bolunga ki maine galti nahi ki hai, ki maine galti ki hai ya jo bhi hai!”

       2. On Jiah Khan…

“Nafisa (Jiah Khan) will always remain in my mind and in my heart.”

       3. On the verdict…

“If I’m wrong, nothing can save me. But if I’m right or if I’”


Source: http://www.missmalini.com/2015/08/24/sooraj-pancholi-finally-talks-about-jiah-khan-here-are-3-things-he-said/

“You Did It In My Country. I Did It In Yours!” – Priyanka Chopra To Sunny Leone



From Times Square to city buses, Priyanka Chopra is all over New York! The posters of the International diva’s upcoming American show, ABC’s Quantico are seen across the city. So naturally, all the desis in NY (and everywhere else) are feeling rather proud to find the Bollywood heroine’s face on these billboards. In fact, there are many hoardings featuring Priyanka in Los Angeles too. And guess which proud Indian wrote about it on Twitter? Well, it’s none other thanSunny Leone! Piggy Chops replied to her soon after that.



After reading this conversation, someone tagged both the actresses and tweeted something and both Sunny and PeeCee made brilliant comebacks to that!






Source: http://www.missmalini.com/2015/08/24/you-did-it-in-my-country-i-did-it-in-yours-priyanka-chopra-to-sunny-leone/

Aww! We Love How Shahid Kapoor Is Pampering His Wife Mira Rajput!


Recently, Shahid Kapoor said, “Meri favourite toh Mira Kapoor hai” on Jhalak Dikhhlaa Jaa and gave us major #husbandgoals! We told you about the couple’s honeymoon-cum-satsang and also shared their super cute selfie. Now, here’s something about the couple that will instantly make your heart melt. According to a report in the popular leading daily, DNA, Sasha is going out of his way to make Mira feel at home ever since they tied the knot.

His ladylove hails from Delhi and has always stayed with her family. As she has moved out of her home and is staying in an alien city for her hubby, Sasha is making sure his wifey is comfortable. Despite being extremely busy, the actor has been spending a lot of time with Mira. DNA quoted a source saying:

“He didn’t want to leave her alone even for a moment to give her time to feel homesick, lost, alone or miss her parents’ home or hermaika. Shahid is very sensitive to Mira’s needs. He’s been conscious of the fact that she’s been living with her family, and has never been alone. So Shahid made sure that he took her along everywhere he went. She accompanied him for his shoots, for his gym sessions. And he called his close friends over for dinner every night, so the house was always buzzing with people. They have also gone for romantic dinners by themselves. They haven’t been apart from each other at all.”

Aww!  Mira sure is a lucky girl!

Source: http://www.missmalini.com/2015/08/24/aww-we-love-how-shahid-kapoor-is-pampering-his-wife-mira-rajput/