Priyanka Chopra on being underpaid: I work so much that I am not apologetic about what I get paid!


Priyanka Chopra on the year gone by, in an EXCLUSIVE conversation with BollywoodLife!

Priyanka Chopra has been the busiest actor in 2015. She set a new record in air miles by taking over 1000 flights jet setting between the US and India where she shot for her American TV show Quantico and her Bollywood projects Bajirao Mastani and Jai Gangaajal. Between the madness of dealing with jetlag and jumping into characters from different periods and backgrounds, she also learnt from valuable life lessons from the experience. In a candid chat, she tells me about the year that was. Read on…

One word that encompasses 2015 for you.


But not underpaid right?

And underpaid! Whenever I say that, everyone is like, ‘Yeh purana ho gaya’. I don’t talk about payments, my art is too deep for me. I work so much that I am not apologetic about what I get paid. Everybody should be compensated for the work they do and renumeration are meant for that. But for me, my work is my spirituality. When I get on to a set, it’s bigger than me and everyone else. I am an entertainer. I thought I was made to be an engineer but clearly not; I love my job! I love the fact that characters are written for me, that filmmakers come to me and tell me, ‘This role was written keeping you in mind. Please do it!’

One life lesson that 2015 taught you

One thing it has taught me is that there is nothing bigger than the product itself. Like an actor is not bigger than the film.

It is Deepika, Ranveer and I who have contributed to making Bajirao Mastani what it is. Not one of us, not two of us, but three of us together. And the 300 faceless, nameless people who worked for 200 days without taking a holiday. We, as actors, at least got breaks to make this film as it is, for the research, clothes, everything. Look at the detailing in this film, doing this film taught me that. We get credit because of our faces on the posters, but there are so many unsung heroes on a film that deserve more credit.

Even for Quantico, we have nine writers ?who sit ?and write ? relentless, because they write it as it goes along. So right now, we are writing episode 15, shooting 13 and we have to do 22  next. It is nuts. I have always been a believer in team work and been a team player, I  am not competitive, I am collaborative, but this year has taught me ?the importance of being a team player.

Even with Jai Gangaajal, sitting with Prakash sir and talking for 10 hours, we went into shooting. I didn’t have to discuss anything after that, even with Dil Dhadakne Do, the way Zoya gave me the freedom to play Ayesha. Collaborating is fun, that is what I have learnt this year.

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Did Salman Khan rescue a crew member from a ghost on the sets of Sultan?


 A source from the set recently gave us a shocking khabar…

Hearing paranormal tales from a film set is always interesting, and if the incident has happened on a Salman Khan film then it gets all the more intriguing. Salman and his crew shot the first schedule at the Nitin Chandrakant Desai Studios in Karjat ​where the cast and crew of the film was put up in a local hotel. ​​A source from the set recently gave us a shocking khabar.

Apparently, a crew member was pretty spooked when he sensed ​someone​ lurking in his ​hotel room. It seems that the figure was floating mid air and seemed to have no shape. After seeing the figure, this crew member fled his room and decided to move into another hotel. Our source adds that once Salman heard of it he personally asked the crew member to stay somewhere close to the bungalow where he’s put-up. It seems that ever since the incident no one from the unit has agreed to stay in that particular hotel.

Well, the actor is certainly in no mood for any ghost visits now, since he is riding high after a lavish party his family threw for him on the occasion of his 50th birthday a couple of days ago. Entire B-town went to Salman‘s farmhouse in Panvel to wish the superstar. Now, that the party is over the star is back to shoot for his action flick.

Sultan is all set to hit the screens on Eid in 2016 and we can’t wait to watch Salman as a wrestler. Watch out for this space for such exclusive updates on Sultan!

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The REAL reason why Neetu Kapoor skipped the Kapoor family’s Christmas brunch!


Speculations arised that it was perhaps Katrina’s presence that kept Neetu away from the family brunch…

This Friday Christmas arrives and as all the celebs brought in the festivities, there was one jodi that stole the limelight. Its none other than Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, who made their first public appearance together. It was Katrina Kaif’s first  appearance at Shashi Kapoor’s Christmas brunch. The couple surprised everyone by posing for the shutterbugs and putting an end to all the breakup rumours doing the rounds. While the whole Kapoor family was present at the venue, Neetu Kapoor was absent, a feat that hasn’t ever happened till now.

Speculations arised that it was perhaps Katrina’s presence that kept Neetu away. If you remember, Neetu had surprisingly cropped out Katrina’s image from a family picture that she had posted online. People started speculating that Neetu and Kat aren’t on good terms. However, that wasn’t the case.

So what was the reason she wasn’t present for the brunch? This Christmas, Ranbir’s mother was out celebrating Christmas with her grand daughter Samara and daughter Riddhima Kapoor Sahni at a suburban five-star hotel. As Neetu Kapoor revealed to a leading daily, “This year, Samara wanted to see Santa Claus, so we took her to a hotel, but by the time we got done, the lunch was over at Shashi uncle’s place! We sacrificed our lunch for my granddaughter.”

Nor, that ends speculations that Katrina was the reason for Neetu’s absence from the Kapoor family’s Christmas brunch! What are your thoughts about this whole scenario? Tell us in the comments section below!

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SHOCKING! Salman Khan to be sued for his birthday gift?


Delhi’s Khan Market Traders Association are thinking of suing Salman Khan for launching the website as the name is similar to Khan Market…

Salman Khan celebrated his 50th birthday in a GRAND manner at his Panvel farm house on December 27. The whole world wished him on his birthday and as he hit half century, Salman thought to acknowledge this love by gifting something special to all his fans and followers. Speaking of which, he unveiled an online shopping platform for various merchandises, clothes and much more. It was titled “,”. However, turns out this website has got him in legal trouble now.

Delhi’s Khan Market Traders Association are thinking of suing Salman Khan for launching the website as the name is similar to Khan Market. Yes! For all that we know, Salman Khan had tweeted on his birthday, “Thank u for ur bday wishes . Means a lot to me . Aur yeh raha aapka return gift –” The website is yet to begin operations but is open for registrations.This has irked the Khan Market traders. Association president Sanjiv Mehra said to a news daily today, “We are a world-famous market. How can the actor use our market’s name for his portal? If he announces discount for merchandise on his portal, customers will turn up here and ask for the same. They are bound to be confused.”

As the New Year approached, the traders are silent. But they plan to approach the Delhi High Court on January 4. But legal experts told the daily that their case against Salman is weak. “There is no trademark infringement in this case. There must be thousands of Khan Markets in the country. It is likely to be dismissed as a frivolous litigation if and when the case is filed,” Sanjay Upadhyay, a Supreme Court advocate, said.

Bangalore-based legal researcher and founder of Alternative Law Forum, Lawrence Liang also added, “There’s a common legal remedy to protect unregistered trademarks. But because the two parties here are not competitors in the same trade and it is unlikely that their businesses will be affected, I don’t see any merit of the case.”

Some also see it as a publicity stunt. As social jurist advocate Ashok Agarwal suggested, “There is no provision in the law for such claims. This will just give publicity to both the market and the portal.”

But Sanjiv further disagreed and added, “Since the name Khan Market has been with us for ages we have a right on it. In the case of Khan Chacha, the court ruled in its favour because of its popularity,” he said.

It remains to be seen if a case will be filed or not. If it is filed, Salman will face more legal troubles, that to for a return gift for his fans. What do you think about this whole scenario? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Sonakshi Sinha Is Looking For Love!


The new year is just around the corner, which means everyone’s talking about resolutions – who’s planning on doing what, who’s trying to change their habits, who’s thinking of turning over a new leaf. And when Sonakshi Sinha was asked about her resolutions in a recent interview, she had a rather interesting – and candid – response!

“I was good at sticking to resolutions last year which was to try out different stuff and experimenting with roles. I honestly don’t have a resolution this year because I am just content with whatever is happening. Probably find love, that will be New Year resolution.”

Fingers crossed she does indeed find love 🙂

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Kriti Sanon Loses Her Sh*t Over A Man Who Was Watching Dilwale On His Phone!


Kriti Sanon was travelling to Delhi when she saw a man watch Dilwale on his phone! Yep, the man was committing a serious offence without giving a single fuck, and Kriti went on a Twitter rant over this incident. She rightly called him out for indulging in piracy but much to her horror he pointedly ignored her.

The head PR of Red Chillies, Mandvi Sharma was also understandably angry with this situation.

And Kriti said how she went to the man and asked him to enjoy the movie in the theater instead, but he paid no heed.

What a loser!

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That Awkward Moment When Raveena Tandon Asked Ranveer Singh To Leave The Shoot!


Ranveer Singh was a part of Rajeev Masand‘s 2015 Actor’s Round Table along with Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan and Anil Kapoor. The entire video was great to watch but obviously there were a highlights that made us laugh real hard. One of these instances was Ranveer’s first meeting with Raveena Tandon and Akshay Kumar. Here’s what transpired –

“It was at SNDT college where Akshay and Raveena were shooting for a movie called Keemat. My cousins had come from Canada, this is like early ’90’s when Akshay sir had a purple Lancer and all my cousins wanted to do in Mumbai was meet Akshay Kumar. So my father had to make calls, find a contact, locate the manager for the shooting. Obviously, even I had to meet Akshay Kumar. When we reached there, some song shooting was happening in the rain where Raveena was looking literally ravishing. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. I was short and fat, with broken teeth and a mohawk and there’s this rain sequence. Sir (Akshay) had worn this shirt open at his chest and Raveena ji was in white and I was staring at her like this –”


“She obviously was not very comfortable with me looking at her like that, so she asked the security guy to escort me away. For me that was shattering, I was heartbroken because I was told to leave the set, then I feel this hand on my shoulder. I’m almost in tears but I look up and I see this shining aura behind this man (points to Akshay Kumar), he looks at me and says – ‘Hey, I like your haircut,. And I was like ‘Yeaaaaa’. He obviously saw that I was heartbroken because I was asked to leave and he just came and did that much and I got a picture with him and I was like ‘man, one day I’m going to be like that guy!’”

This is so cool!

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WTF! A Sex Scene Between Farhan Akhtar & Aditi Rao Hydari Has Been Cut By The Censor Board!


Wazir could have featured “sensuous and passionate” lovemaking scenes between actorsFarhan Akhtar and Aditi Rao Hydari, but the film’s makers chose to cut them out to avoid “conflict” with the censor board.

“As part of the film, the duo shot for some very hot and steamy love-making scenes. Whoever had seen the outcome of it felt that they were extremely sensuous and passionate,” a source said, adding that the reason for these cuts was “the expected censor board issues”.

In an earlier screening, there was a long discussion on the scenes and producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra did not want any conflicts with the censor board for the film.

And understandably so, since the censor board has been either snipping or shortening kissing scenes from films like Spectre and Chauranga.

Thus, to avoid any issues, the scenes were cut from the “Wazir” by the filmmakers themselves, before the final screening for the censor board.

Directed by Bejoy Nambiar, Wazir stars megastar Amitabh Bachchan and actor Neil Nitin Mukesh in pivotal roles.

The film, distributed by Reliance Entertainment, will release on January 8 next year.

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Aishwarya Rai Refuses To Kiss Ranbir Kapoor!


Apparently during the scripting stages, Karan Johar‘s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil had a kissing scene between the hero and the older woman he falls in love with. Now that Aishwarya Rai has been cast in this important role, it looks like the kiss will be scraped from the movie. According to a report in DNA, Aishwarya is not comfortable doing intimate scenes post marriage and she conveyed her displeasure to the director. Karan himself didn’t want any awkwardness, so he has agreed to shoot the scene in such a way that it won’t involve an actual kiss, nor will there be any skin-show required by the actress.

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Sonam Kapoor’s Birthday Wish For Salman Khan Is Oh So Adorbs!


It is Salman Khan‘s 50th birthday today and we’ve been giving you all the updates about his grand celebrations! Everyone has been showering their love and best wishes on this superstar. But someone’s birthday wish for our Sallu bhai was a tad too special. Well, it’s none other than his Prem Ratan Dhan Payo co-star, Sonam Kapoor. Here’s the sweetest message that she posted a couple of hours ago.


Sonam was seen playing Salman aka Prem‘s love interest, Maithali in PRDP. Aww! Isn’t that super cute?

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