Priyanka Chopra Clarifies Her ‘I Don’t Need A Man’ Statement!

Priyanka Chopra recently gave an explosive interview to Filmfare, where apart from declaring that heartache can be a bitch (so true), she also bluntly said that the only reason she’d want a man is to have babies. While many were impressed with her forthrightness, some thought that she was advocating misandry. PC took to Twitter to clarify what she really meant when she made that statement.

Basically, our desi girl doesn’t need a man, but by no way does that mean she doesn’t want one. ‘Want’ is the operative word here!

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Oh No! Ranbir Kapoor’s Break-Up With Katrina Kaif Cost Him 21 Crores!

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif broke up recently. Obviously the duo must be having a tough time coping with the abrupt end emotionally, but from what we hear Ranbir has also had to suffer a monetary setback.

According to a report in BollywoodLife, Ranbir paid the entire security deposit for their flat in Bandra – a whooping sum of 21 crores – that you don’t get back if you leave abruptly before the lease ends.

A source was quoted as saying:

“The couple reportedly used to shell out Rs 15 lakh as rent for their penthouse in Silver Sands and RK had paid Rs 21 crore as the security deposit. The two had invested a lot of time and efforts in doing up their love nest where they lived together for over a year. The couple had even picked up souvenirs and artifacts from their foreign trips.”

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Whoa! Whoa! Kangana Ranaut Just Confirmed Her Relationship With Hrithik Roshan


In a recent interview with Pinkvilla, Kangana Ranaut was asked if Hrithik Roshan had something to do with her leaving Aashiqui 3 and she said:

“Yes, many lame rumours are doing rounds, even a dumbass can tell where these rumours are coming from. I don’t know why exes do silly things to get your attention. For me, that chapter is over and I don’t dig graves.”

So, Hrithik is really her ex now and they really did date!

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Chitrangada Singh Is Causing Trouble For Her Ex-Husband Jyoti Randhawa & His Girlfriend

Chitrangada Singh has already parted ways from her husband Jyoti Randhawa. But according to SpotboyE, her presence is causing some trouble for him and his girlfriend now.

Reports suggest that he wants to marry his girlfriend but Chitrangada keeps coming to his Delhi house to spend time with their son. The actress stays there for weeks and sometimes even her mom comes over to spend time with her grandson.


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THIS Is What Chris Martin & Sonam Kapoor Were Up To In Mumbai!


Chris Martin surprised everyone with an impromptu performance at Delhi’s Hauz Khas last year. Yep, the same one where AIB and Vishal Dadlani ‘happened’ to be there. His band them came back to Mumbai to shoot the music video for their song – Hymn for The Weekend. We think Coldplay loves India as much as Indians love them because they’re coming BACK! This time they’re shooting for the second single from their latest album – A Head Full of Dreams and Sonam Kapoor is featuring in it!

Here’s what she said when Mumbai Mirror contacted her –

“I love Coldplay’s music and so does the world. It was a huge honour to be a part of the video. It’s a great concept and I had a lot of fun shooting for it.”

The actress plays a mystical muse in the video directed by Ben Mor. A source close to the sets said that –

“Sonam shot for a day last October at the Golfa Devi Temple in Worli and the Vasai fort. The video also features American pop diva Beyonce, who has also lent her vocals to the track. They zeroed in on a desi look with Sonam in a ghagra choli and wearing the traditional mang tika and a nose ring.”

Can’t wait to see this one!

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“He Taught Me How To Love” – Rekha


Silsila and Faasle – both very important films in Rekha‘s career – are both Yash Chopra movies. So when she was recently awarded the Yash Chopra Memorial award, she spoke at great length about the man.

She said:

“Talking about Yashji would be like ‘chota muh badi baat’… what can we say about him? I’d like to definitely state that he taught me how to love. Not just by watching his films (did) I understand ‘Oh, this is love’, not just by speaking or watching that there is beauty and a very tender emotion, but a feeling that is invisible which every person definitely feels it – that Yashji taught me.”

She added:

“I take this award as not just an award or a validation but I think it is something of a reminder to say that the curtains have not fallen yet but the best is still to come in the near future. And it will definitely be a reminder for me to do better than the best, better than ever before and this is not my last chapter but it is the best chapter, yet to begin.”

She also said:

“I take this award as not just an award or a validation but I think it is something of a reminder to say that the curtains have not fallen yet but the best is still to come in the near future. And it will definitely be a reminder for me to do better than the best, better than ever before and this is not my last chapter but it is the best chapter, yet to begin.”

Congratulations, Rekha! 🙂

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Katrina Kaif Just Gave The Final Word On Her Breakup With Ranbir Kapoor


Katrina Kaif is aware that she is always going to be asked about Ranbir Kapoor wherever she goes and she never chooses to talk about it. However, she gave a final word on her breakup when she said:

“Many times over many phases your personal life gets a lot of attention and I have always maintained I would like to speak about my professional life and every one of my audience knows me well enough and respects my decision not to speak about my personal life and highlight the aspects of my career.”

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Bollywood Gossip: Aditi Rao Hydari behind Farhan Akhtar’s divorce?


Bollywood seems to be rife with biggest break-ups in recent times.

Not long after Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s alleged break-up, long time married couple Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna issued a joint statement about their divorce and shocked the country.

The couple famous for their style quotient in the industry were married for over 15 years.

According to a report in DNA, the real reason behind the couple’s marriage going kaput is Aditi Rao Hydari.

Aditi and Farhan starred in ‘Wazir’ and have been really fond of each other.

Their growing proximity towards each other was the main reason Farhan and Adhuna started having multiple fights.

While the couple was still going through a lot of stress, Farhan who usually attends events and parties with wife Adhuna was suddenly seen making appearances alone.

But it’s said that the hell broke loose at filmmaker Karan Johar’s party last week where Farhan decided to make an entry with Aditi hand in hand.

It is being said that post the fiasco, Adhuna decided to separate from Farhan.

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Anil Kapoor books flat in ‘second home’ Dubai


Booking a two-bedroom flat in the ‘Ritz by Danube’ housing project here Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor on Tuesday sought similar investments by fellow Indians.

Addressing a press conference in this populous city of the United Arab Emirates, the veteran actor was in his element as he told media persons how it was his “Sindhi” wife Sunita Kapoor who okayed the deal in Mumbai a fortnight ago.

“I am an actor and must admit that I do not have that nose to smell business, but my better half being Sindhi is apt at it” he said amid guffaws from those he was addressing.

Calling Dubai his “second home” which over the years had endeared itself to him and his family, he said the “deal appeared lucrative” as real estate was set to appreciate in value in the city owing to the World Expo-2020.

He said Danube Group chairman Rizwan Sajan informed them about Spanish technology being used in the project to optimise the use of space, which was another reason to go in for the buy.

Sporting a beard and dressed in a black suit to match, Kapoor admitted candidly how he was behaving like a real estate agent himself by praising the Danube Group’s project.

The actor later told IANS that property in Mumbai was “out of reach for even the richest” and that he and his wife had a harrowing time in finding an appropriate place for their actress daughter Sonam Kapoor.

“Either the place was not good or it was not affordable,” he said, contrasting his experience in Mumbai with his Dubai buy which was “both within reach and good”.

Sajan said ‘Ritz by Danube’ was a 300 million Dh project being planned in Al Furjan neighbourhood in Jebel Ali area that was in close proximity to Dubai south, the Dh 120 billion and 140-square km mixed use development, which will host the Al Maktoum International airport and the World Expo 2020.

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Here’s what Ranbir Kapoor is up to post breakup with Katrina Kaif –view pic!


 Looks like their break up has not really taken a toll on either of the two!

So we told you how Katrina Kaif is braving her sob story post break up with her long time beau Ranbir Kapoor. The actress has become more confident, is smiling and looking gorgeous as seen in her latest pictures but do you know what Ranbir is upto?

Apparently Ranbir too is having a good time with his friends and family as he threw a party recently for his new house warming. The actor also won a soccer match that was done for a charity event after which he posed for few pictures and if you see closely, well there’s no sign of morose on either of their faces. Either these two are brilliant actors in real life that they pull it off so well or it’s the post break up syndrome getting on to them where each partner tries to look their best and exude that they are doing better than the other. Anyway whatever the reason is, we believe both of them are doing a fab job by not going under their shell and being more available in public for us to see.

Meanwhile, Ranbir is getting comfortable in his new Wilson Apartments home on Hill Road. The actor is staying on the building’s top floor, where he moved mid Jan. Apparently, Ranbir often takes late-night walks on the street, with his bodyguards for company.

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