Here’s When You Can See Late Vinod Khanna On The Screen For The Last Time

Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna

Late actor Vinod Khanna‘s death came as a shock to the film industry yesterday. His last film, Guns Of Banaras, helmed by Shekhar Suri, is expected to release by the end of this year. It is produced by Ashok Munshi & Shaina Nath, and also stars Karan Nath, Nathalia, Zarina Wahab & Abhimanyu Singh.

Unfortunately, the actor lost his battle to cancer much before the film hit the screens. The entire team of Guns Of Banaras is reportedly planning to give a special tribute to the actor in the film.

We are really looking forward to see the legend on the big screen one last time. What about you guys?

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Vidya Balan, Milind Soman, Nana Patekar and Rajshri Deshpande – Indian celebrities who have stood up for bringing a change in the society


If you think Antonina Zabinski in The Zookeeper’s Wife was a true hero, then you might also want to check out some of these Indian celebs who have been working towards bringing a positive change in the society. Be it promoting hygienic sanitation or fitness or mental health, these celebrities have taken it upon themselves to encourage people to be the change they want to see. In fact, Vidya Balan’s ‘Jahan soch wahan shochalaya’ campaign has been working wonders. Celebs like Vidya, Milind Soman, Nana Patekar and Rajshri Deshpande are our heroes who are making an effort to help people lead a normal life.

Milind with his extraordinarily fit lifestyle, which he implies is something everyone must follow is an inspiration to so many. He is 50 and probably the fittest man in the country. Not to mention, he is damn sexy even at this age. Now that’s how you age gracefully. Nana Patekar has been associated with the Farmers suicide prevention campaign for a really long time now. The actor, who himself leads a rather simple lifestyle, tries to help farmers lead a better life that does not lead them to committing suicide. Believe me, it’s one issue that has been bothering the country for a really long time.

Here’s how these celebrities are no less than real-life heroes.

Milind Soman – Cancer Awareness 

Milind Soman is known to be the fittest actor, he is the brand ambassador of Pinkaton, India’s biggest “women only” marathon which spreads awareness about women fitness and prevention of breast cancer, which holds a purpose of healthy lifestyle. Pinkatron raises money for the treatment of underprivileged women with cancer and has successfully been a savior to many lives. Milind Soman is known to be the Zookeeper of India truly with his dedication in fitness and social rescuer.

Vidya Balan – Sanitation/Open Defecation 

The actress, who is also known as the ‘female’ hero of Bollywood, has added one more feather to her long list of appreciated work. Vidya Balan has begun to work for the cause of drinking and sanitation campaign with the Rural Development ministry. Apart from drinking water and sanitation campaigns, the actress has campaigned for World Wildlife Fund ‘s Earth Hour campaign and Child In Need Institute.

Nana Patekar – Farmer Suicides

Nana Patekar has been donating money to widows of farmers in Maharashtra since last September and has been helping farmers financially through an NGO he co-runs with actor Makrand Anaspure. To relieve them of their debts, he collected Rs 80 lakh through an NGO Naam Foundation and distributed financial help to 113 families in Latur and Osmanabad.

Rajshri Deshpande 

Rajshri is extremely inclined towards social services, apart from her acting and dedicates her time to extensively helping others. She has adopted a village in Maharashtra called Pandhri Pimpalgaon and has conducted rainwater harvesting project, it helped the locals to bring back the life of the dead native river Bembla, a couple of people from the industry immensely supported her for this cause. Rescue Foundation. an NGO that not only rescues but rehabilitates and repatriate girls from human trafficking to name a few. Apart from this, she has been associated with organisations such as: Dharavi Dairy, Boodhnoor Vaidyashala, SOS papa, Beach O Beach, Plastics along with Juhi Chawla.

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Forget Shah Rukh Khan’s G.One or Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish, Prabhas’ Baahubali is the best superhero we have in town



I have always maintained that we do not need superhero movies in Indian cinema. Not because we have screwed up the genre, with movies like Drona, Ra.One and A Flying Jatt. It’s because why do we need superheroes when our regular heroes can do superhero stuff. Iron Man may need his millions to make a suit that makes him fly, and fire missiles. Captain America need a serum to become super-strong and super agile. Bruce Banner needed an accidental overdose of gamma radiation to go green and turn Hulk. Thor is a Norse God, while Superman is an alien. Every superhero in the West needs something or the other to kick ass 100 times better than a normal man.

But not in Indian mainstream cinema. Here you have a Salman Khan tearing off his shirt with bulging muscles that Banner can only do when he Hulks out. Rajinikanth in Chandramukhi can create mini-hurricanes out of the air with his feet. Vijaykanth can hack a system with Windows Media Player. Shah Rukh Khan can chase a Scorpio in a horse cart, and he doesn’t need to be an android to do that. And Ajay Devgn in Singham is impervious to flying jeeps, bullets and every Newton’s law when he is intent on catching villains. See, we don’t really need superheroes. Because we already have our leading men as superheroes.

Now add to that list, one more magnanimous name – Prabhas as Baahubali. This man is something not of this world. Baahubali, both father and son, can give thenga to Jadoo if he ever offers to give them superpowers. They can effing lift a whole tree and threw it at their attacking enemies. Baahubali can run vertically, horizontally on any damn surface, every creature in the animal kingdom respects him even if he throws turmeric powder over their heads, kill them with arrows and light their horns with fire (Maneka Gandhi would have been wincing in those scenes). And yet they are careful not to trample him under their hooves. He is a real superhero.

Before I gush more over him, let’s compare Baahubali with two of our exclusive and somewhat original superheroes that we already have… G.One and Krrish. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of each of these superheroes and what makes Baahubali better than him.



Pros: Has SRK’s charm, can get inside a Virar local even in peak hours, nearly destroyed CST terminus that too with a Western Railway local train (don’t believe us? Check this video where he gets into the train in Bandra, crosses Vile Parle and ends up in CST), has cool shades and charm women even though he is supposed to be asexual, and he can make junk cars fly!

Cons: Can’t identify a real woman with an android, can’t do anything if his ‘heart’ is not in its right place, even a kid can create him, he actually can’t even defeat villains without the help of luck and a kid’s intelligence. Above all, everyone mistakes him by his nemesis’ name, Ra.One!

Now, let’s talk about…



Pros: He can jump like a Kangaroo on dope. He can swim like a dolphin on testosterone. With his mask on, people can’t identify what race he belongs to. He can climb trees so fast that monkeys have committed suicide suffering from inferiority complex. He can land airplanes with an efficiency that Air India plans to hire him to make their services better. And in the sequel, he even learns to fly, because the script wanted him to. Actually, Krrish’s powers lie more in what the script wants him to do.

Cons: He needed the mercy of a purple Yoda, who himself couldn’t do anything that Krrish does on his own, to be a superhero. Krrish even can’t save a job, despite all his powers.

Now we will discuss why Baahubali is better than these two ‘limited’ superheroes…


Baahubali-Asli-Superhero (1)

We won’t have a separate pros and cons sections because Baahubali doesn’t need one. Since both father and son share similar powers,  In the first movie, he can climb waterfalls better than Donkey Kong. He makes a warrior girl get in touch with her ‘feminine’ side by disrobing her (that’s a special power; do that in Delhi, and you have a cell ready to land your ass!). He single-handedly defeats armies making me wonder why Mahishmati even needs an army of it own (imagine the labour cost saved). He can run through any solid surface no mater what geometric angle it lies based on  the earth below. His blows can make huge gold statues fall down, and his archery skills will make Hawkeye go…

Baahubali is impervious to arrows, swords, maces and even gravity, and he can even train farmers and cattleherds within minutes to behave like proper soldiers and attack bigger armies. He can only be killed if Kattappa drives a sword through his back! Which itself led to an entire nation scratching their heads to find out, why, dear man why! Above all, he is neither an android nor an alien-blessed kid to display his unbelievable powers. The only thing we didn’t see him do was fly…oh wait…

So in short, Baahubali is the best superhero India has ever seen. Rest can shove their capes up their wardrobes!

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Sunil Grover to host Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega on Sony?

Sunil Grover

Sunil Grover

Even as speculations are rife about Sunil Grover being offered new shows by various channels, we hear that he has been approached to host the upcoming season of Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega. Sources say the reality show that was last aired in 2014 will be back this year with its sixth season. “Anu Malik and Farah Khan are likely to continue as judges, though the makers are looking at bringing in some more people. After the Kapil Sharma-Sunil fight, the channel has promised Sunil that they will offer him any upcoming show. So, there are chances of him hosting this show, which is slated to air post IPL in June,” informs a source. The last season was hosted by Krushna Abhishek and Mona Singh.


What’s next for Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar after Comedy Nights?
Sources say that Preeti Simoes, who parted ways with Kapil Sharma’s production house, is planning to produce a 26-episode series. “The show will have Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar who quit Kapil’s show. The only problem right now, is all of them are individually busy with their other commitments. Ali will be travelling, Sunil is intermittently performing shows and Chandan is busy with a Punjabi film. Once they get the time, they will sit together and decide on it. Preeti and the actors are being approached individually and together by various channels.”

While Kapil continues to shoot for the show and make money, it’s the others who are losing out `80 lakhs to a crore, only because they took a united stand against what happened with Sunil on the flight. “When Kapil celebrated 100 episodes of the show he should have ensured that the entire team participated in the celebrations. Kapil has his show and a film career to fall back on, but the others currently don’t have a regular income flowing in, so they need to take up a show soon.”

For the uninitiated, Sunil Grover has not been a part of The Kapil Sharma Show ever since the reported fight on the Air India plane from Melbourne to India. It seems Kapil Sharma got into a nasty argument with Chandan Prabhakar. When Sunil Grover intervened, he abused him in Punjabi and later even hurled a shoe at his colleague! The news of the spat made national headlines and Sunil has been missing since then. He recently almost clarified that he won’t be returning on the show and does not miss it.

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Shocking! FIR filed against Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra over duping a firm owner of Rs 24 lakh

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra

The Maharashtra Police on Thursday registered an FIR against Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra in a cheating case in Thane’s Bhiwandi Police Station. The case revolves around duping a textile firm owner of Bhiwandi MIDC Bhalotia Exports Company, Ravi Bhalotia of Rs. 24 lakh. The FIR was filed after the owner alleged that the couple collected the amount on his behalf but did not pay him, a police said.

Raj and Shilpa have been battling on another front since ‘Best Deal TV’ temporarily suspended its services in a bid to recuperate from the effects of demonetisation. Employees of the ‘Best Deal TV’ shopping channel have alleged that their dues haven’t been cleared yet. Raj Kundra, who continues to be on the board of directors with a 63 percent stake in the company along with Shilpa Shetty Kundra, had sent his resignation via email on December 15 last year.

Around the same time, the employees were intimated about the company’s decision to impose a 50 percent pay cut for November and December. Soon after the announcement, around 40 staffers of the 80-member team put in their papers. The shopping portal, which had discontinued advertisements and promotions soon after the suspension in December, has not kicked off services again.

Big Deals, a company in which Shetty and Kundra are directors, collected money from customers for sale of bedsheets on behalf of Malotia Textiles through TV ads, but did not (allegedly) pay Malotia Textiles the proceeds,” the official said.

Keep watching this space for more updates on this case.

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Katrina Kaif Made Her Instagram Debut & Here’s The First Photo She Posted

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

After her social debut on Facebook last year, Katrina Kaif ‘s fans will be elated to know that the actress has now joined Instagram as well. We wonder what took her so long to connect with her fans virtually, but Kat is finally taking baby steps in this territory – and we are very excited! More of Katrina is exciting, right? In case you haven’t followed her already, her official handle is @katrinakaif.

Check out the first photo she posted:


We wonder who was the first person she followed?!

P.S – Katrina also hinted at making her way to Twitter very soon. However, Snapchat is not on her radar!

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Strange Coincidence! India lost two of its coolest superstars Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan on the same day, April 27

Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan

Vinod Khanna and Feroz Khan

Earlier today the terrible news of yesteryear superstar Vinod Khanna passing away came as a shock. He was 70 and lost the battle to bladder cancer. But co-incidentally, April 27, the day Vinod Khanna breathed his last is also the day his close friend, director and co-star of many films, legendary Feroz Khan had died. In fact today is his death anniversary. And the day of his demise marked the death of his co-star of blockbuster films like Qurbani, Dayavan etc. Strange coincidence, isn’t it?

Feroz Khan, died on April 27, 2009 at the age of 69, succumbing to lung cancer. Both were considered as two of the coolest superstars of Indian cinema. Their first collaboration came in 1976’s Shankar Shambhu. The film had Feroz Khan playing Shankar and Vinod Khanna playing Shambhu. Their biggest success came in 1980 with blockbuster hit, Qurbani. The film was directed by Feroz Khan and starred Vinod Khanna in the lead role, with he himself playing a second lead. The film was the biggest hit of the year. In fact such was the craze of this  With chartbuster tracks be it, Aap Jaisa Koi, Laila Main Laila, Hum Tumhein Chahte Hain Aise etc.





Fresh after the success of Qurbani, Vinod Khanna shocked everyone when he took a sabbatical from films. But when he returned, it was Feroz Khan’s another directorial that give him his big hit in Dayavan. A remake of Tamil hit Nayakan, Dayavan, too, was a critical and commercial success and helped Vinod Khanna re-establish himself. Just like most of his directorials, Dayavan, too, had Vinod Khanna in the lead and Feroz playing a second fiddle.


The two remained great friends until Feroz Khan succumbed to lung cancer. And it looks like both of them chose the same day to leave this world.




Just like Feroz Khan, Vinod Khanna, too, has left for a better world. There will never be a superstar as cool as these two legends…

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Vinod Khanna: The Superstar who lived his life HIS WAY!

Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna was often termed as the quintessential superstar of Bollywood. During his peak he had girls swooning over his charming looks. He was a charmer. He could act. He was the perfect combination of chocolate boy look and macho-ism. Started in 1968 with Sunil Dutt’s Man Ka Meet, he did quite a few villainous and supporting roles in films like Purab aur Paschim, Sachaa Jhutha, Aan Milo Sajna, Memsaab, Rakhwala etc. But it was his roles in Gulzar’s Mere Apne, Suni Dutt’s Reshma aur Shera, Dharmendra’s Mera Gaon Mera Desh, that got him the much needed acclaim and fame. Since then there was no looking back for the dashing star. It was during that time he married his girlfriend Geetanjali. And soon he was one of the most sought after stars of 70s with hoard of blockbusters like Haath Ki Safai, Hera Pheri, Parvarish, Shaque, Khoon Pasina, Amar Akbar Anthony, Inkaar etc.

But he gave a shocker when he decided to quit Bollywood to follow the path of his guru Osho Rajneesh. That too at the time when he was fresh of the blockbuster success of Feroz Khan’s Qurbani and critical acclaim for The Burning Train. Especially after Qurbani, many trade analyst and film critics were of opinion that if there is one actor who could dethrone Amitabh Bachchan from his Numero Uno position that was Vinod Khanna, a fact even Mahesh Bhatt revealed while talking to SpotboyE, he said, “Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna were definitely the top two contenders for the No. 1 slot in Bollywood of bygone days”. But Vinod had something else in mind. Wrote senior journalist Bhawana Somaya for Quint, “When the news first reached our ears, nobody took it seriously and was dismissed as a crazy rumour. But slowly, as days went by, directors confided that he had stalled all his new projects indefinitely and producers confirmed that Vinod Khanna was returning signing amounts. This was indeed serious!


After he left for Oregon to the ashram, it was learnt that he has become a skilled a gardener there and goes by the name of, “Swami Vinod Bharti”. He once said that during his stint at aashram people used to taunt his sons Rahul Khanna and Akshaye Khanna that, “tumhara baap apne guru ke saath bhaag gaya”. It was during that time he settled in for divorce with his then wife and mother of Rahul and Akshaye.



After a sabbatical, Vinod Khanna returned to filmdom with films like Mukul Anand’s Insaaf, Feroz Khan’s superhit Dayavan, Mahesh Bhatt’s Jurm, Yash Chopra’s Chandni. He was a part of successful films but couldn’t touch the peak he once left in early 80s.

In 1990’s he married again, this time with Kavita Khanna and with whom he has a son named Sakshi Khanna and a daughter named Shraddha.

Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna

In 1997, he launched his son Akshaye Khanna with Himalay Putra and joined politics as movie roles started declining or the roles he was being offered were more of fatherly figure. He returned to the industry with 2001’s Deewanapan and since then has been a part of some of the critically acclaimed films like 99, Red Alert- A war within and biggest blockbusters like Wanted, Dabangg series and his last release as of now, Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale.



His life story is nothing short of a Bollywood script. A handsome young man who left everything at the peak of his career to attain ‘Nirvana’, returned and sort of conquered it again. He truly was a mysterious man and one thing that I admire most about him, apart from his films and his acting is the fact that he lived life his way!

May his soul Rest In Peace. His was a magnanimous and glorious career and that’s what he should be remembered for.

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Bollywood Mourns Vinod Khanna’s Death

Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna

One of Bollywood biggest superstars, Vinod Khanna, passed away earlier this morning at the Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre. The superstar, who was 70,  unfortunately succumbed to cancer. We’re yet to receive an official statement from his family.

The Bollywood fraternity is deeply saddened and shocked by this loss and took to Twitter to convey their condolences.












May his soul rest in peace.

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Vinod Khanna dead after battling cancer for many years, funeral in the afternoon today

Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna, the original heartthrob of Hindi films, died Thursday morning. He was reportedly battling bladder cancer for years; the actor was 70. Sources close to his family said that the funeral of the veteran actor will take place at 4.30pm today at Mumbai’s Bangana crematorium. His friends and colleagues from the film industry, political fraternity and celeb circuit have started reaching his home in Mumbai to pay their last respects. Police also arrived at his house to make security arrangements as the actor’s body will soon be brought home.  In April first week, his condition had considerably deteriorated due to dehydration.

He remained admitted at HN Reliance Hospital for close to a month. Hospital authorities claimed his condition had become stable in between after doctors put him on drip although he had become frail during hospitalisation. He was brought to the Girgaum based hospital in March end. A picture that leaked from the hospital, showing a weak-looking actor left his fans shocked.

The hospital released this statement after the actor’s death, “Veteran actor and Member of Parliament Mr. Vinod Khanna, who was admitted to the Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital breathed his last at 11.20 am due to advanced bladder carcinoma.”

In his long Bollywood career, he worked in more than 100 films, and was an active politician, and Member of Parliament from Gurdaspur, Punjab. Vinod is survived by his wife Kavita Khanna, sons Rahul, Akshaye and Sakshi, and daughter Shraddha Khanna. Before marrying Kavita, Vinod Khanna was married to Getanjali but they later got divorced.

Vinod was one of the most sought out films stars in the 1970s and 1980s. Initially he was offered only negative and small roles, but in no time, he started bagging lead roles in many films. He had made his film debut in 1968 with Mann Ka Meet, and later on he went on to becoming a star and his performance in films like Mere Apne, Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Imtihaan, Inkaar, Amar Akbar Anthony, Lahu ke Do Rang, Qurbani, Dayavaan and Jurm were truly appreciated.

Vinod Khanna received the Filmfare award in the best supporting actor category for Haath Ki Safaai, and in 1999 he received the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award, and again in 2007 he won a lifetime achievement award at the Zee Cine Awards.

After such an impressive career, in 1982 he took a break from work to join his guru Osho Rajneesh at his ashram. He gave up films altogether in that period. After a five-year break from work, he started signing films again and gave two superhits, Insaaf and Satyamev Jayate.

Even with a busy career in politics, Vinod did not give up on Bollywood and worked in some of the latest films like Dabangg, Players, Dabangg 2 and Dilwale, and received a lot of love for his work. In late 2016 and early 2017, news about his detoriating health started coming in, this kept him away from a public eye. In his last days he was surrounded by all his children and wife Kavita.

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