“It’s Idiotic. It’s Ridiculous To Look Perfect All The Time” – Kajol On Airport Looks


Airport looks have become the latest rage in Bollywood. Actors spend multiple hours getting ready before heading to the airport and even have a separate wardrobe full of airport looks. Gone are the days when people would just wear sneakers, tracks and a hoodie i.e. just dress comfortably, as one should for a long flight. Today, you see people flaunting the latest designer wear and walking into the airport in heels, and I sometimes wonder WHY.

Anyway, Kajol was asked about her thoughts on the latest trend and here’s what she told Mid-Day.

I hate airport looks. It’s idiotic. It’s ridiculous to look perfect all the time. I am not walking in heels with perfect lipstick. After long flights, everyone looks like they survived a calamity. It’s fine.”

She added,

Actors have dehumanised themselves. We hold ourselves to these impossible standards because we’ve created them. Looking a certain way is an issue we’ve created. I wear regular stuff, clothes which are comfortable. It’s not airport fashion. It’s what normal people wear. I can’t wear stilettos while travelling. Flats were created for a reason. What is size zero? I don’t understand it. I can’t allow critics to pressure me.”


YES. Finally. Somebody please pass this memo to the rest of Bollywood.

Source : https://www.missmalini.com/2017/07/31/idiotic-kajol-airport-looks/

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