Read the SHOCKING TRUTH behind Jhanvi Kapoor’s apparent nose surgery!

Sridevi’s eldest daughter Jhanvi Kapoor is literally the most popular starkids Bollywood has ever seen. The young girl who is about to work on the Indian version of The Fault In Our Stars with Ishaan Khattar has definitely become much prettier and attractive with time. It is said that Jhanvi had always wanted to do Bollywood movies from the start whereas her mom Sridevi felt like doing films might not be the right career choice for her. Nonetheless, the girl has decided to start a whole new journey and we hope she does well in it.

Take a look at her old photo.

If you see Jhanvi’s old photos, you’d be able to see how thick her nose is. This was during the time she was not the talk of the town in Bollywood. Jhanvi as a teenager was quite a stunner but her nose looked quite thick. Her latest photos are much different.

Now we can’t ignore the fact that Jhanvi’s nose actually does look quite different. There is no guarantee as to whether the girl actually got it done but it’s too hard not to notice the difference. We think it might be her interest in Bollywood that made her take up this step. Whatever it is, let’s just hope she does well in the film industry.

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