Mallika Dua Responds To Twinkle Khanna’s Apology


Twinkle Khanna recently came under fire because of her statement in the wake of Akshay Kumar‘s insensitive comment on Mallika Dua during an episode of a reality show. Mallika’s dad, Vinod Dua, wrote a statement on his Facebook page, calling the actor out for making his daughter uncomfortable.  The matter didn’t stop there though, following the statement, Twinkle attempted to make light of the situation by tweeting out two “lame jokes” (her words, not mine) on this issue. People in general agreed that for a woman as smart and influential as Twinkle, this course of action was unnecessary.

So Twinkle took to social media last night and apologized for her statement where she spoke about her belief in feminism and her instinct to protect her family. You can read up on it here –

Twinkle Khanna Apologizes For Her Statements On The Mallika Dua Controversy

Mallika Dua then took to Twitter to comment on this apology –


What do you make of this response? Tell us in the comments below!

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Twinkle Khanna Apologizes For Her Statements On The Mallika Dua Controversy


Many were in for a rude shock when they found out about Akshay Kumar‘s insensitive comment on Mallika Dua on their laughter show, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. The latter’s father Vinod Dua took to social media to express his anger and even demanded an apology from Akshay.

The father-daughter duo had to later delete the post from social media because of the trolls.

Meanwhile, everyone was awaiting Akshay’s wife Twinkle Khanna‘s take on this controversy as she’s known to be a feminist and has always been rather vocal about women’s issue. However, when she did make a statement (and even joked) about this entire episode, it didn’t go down too well with everyone. And now, the actress-author has released an apology on Facebook. Here’s what she wrote:


Do you think Mallika Dua will respond to this?


Here’s What Akshay Kumar’s Planning To Do For His 50th Birthday


Akshay Kumar is one of the most talented actors we have out there. He often pushes boundaries and tries something new with every film he does. In fact, he’s the one actor who has worked with the most with first time directors, and they have almost always done well. Right from Special 26 to Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, he keeps us entertained whilst also making us use our brains – our favourite combination!

This Khiladi celebrates his 50th birthday this year and if you think he’s going to have a grand celebration, you’re wrong. He’s instead heading to Switzerland on a holiday with his family and wants to have some quiet time there.

A source told Pinkvilla,
On the weekend of September 9, the Kumars will make a whirlwind trip to Switzerland because Nitara has expressed a desire to see the snow and Akshay is always ready to indulge his children.
Aww! How sweet. 🙂 We hope he has an absolutely lovely birthday with his family in gorgeous Switzerland.

PS – If you’ve been married, you will definitely relate to this hilarious video. Check it out.

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Movie This Week: Toilet Ek Prem Katha


Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar have been promoting their next release Toilet Ek Prem Katha everywhere. All eyes are now set on this film which talks about the menace of open defecation. It’s an issue that plagues our nation like crazy and we should be proud of the actor for saying yes to such a subject. It isn’t often that stars accept films like that. Akshay has been part of films lately that say something to the audience. There is a definite takeaway in all his films. That is also the reason why he is the most bankable actor of Bollywood right now. With him in your films Rs 100 crore is guaranteed if not more. And to think of it that his films itself are made at a budget of Rs 40-50 crore says a lot about how Akshay has mastered the business side of the craft as well. Toilet Ek Prem Katha won’t be an exception either because people are already damn excited about it. We are pretty sure you will watch the film the moment it releases but we still want to tell you a bit about the film.

Film: Toilet Ek Prem Katha

Director: Shree Narayan Singh

Star cast: Akshay Kumar, Bhumi Pednekar, Divyendu Sharma, Sudhir Pandey

Synopsis: Loosely based on a real life story, Toilet talks about a man who gets married to the woman he loves but gets separated because of a toilet. The day after their wedding the woman walks out on him because there is no safe place to defecate in his house. They have to run to the fields if the need arises. The man then sets out to fulfil his wife’s desire and while doing it, discovers so much about clean sanitation.

So when are you booking your tickets?

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Toilet – Ek Prem Katha Copyright infringement case: Jaipur Metropolitan Court asks Viacom18 to file a reply


A local court here on Monday heard in part the arguments in a case of violation of the Copyright Act by makers of Akshay Kumar starrer Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. “Today the arguments remained inconclusive in Jaipur Metropolitan Court and will continue tomorrow too,” G.D. Bansal, advocate for Jaipur-based filmmaker Pratik Sharma, said here on Monday.

A copyright infringement case was brought up by Sharma against Plan C Studios, an alliance between Reliance Entertainment and Friday Filmworks helmed by Neeraj Pandey and Shital Bhatia, and Viacom18 on July 7 in a Jaipur Metropolitan Court.

Sharma alleged that the makers have lifted the punchline and the subject from his film Gutrun Gutar Gun. S.S. Hora, counsel of Viacom18, told: “We argued in the court that an idea or a concept cannot fall under Copyright Act and there is no violation of the act. These types of things are already in public domain and no relief should be given to the complainant.”

The Jaipur Metropolitan Court on July 26 asked the makers of Toilet: Ek Prem Katha to file a reply or enter into arguments in the case of copyright violation on July 31.

The court had earlier issued a notice returnable on July 22, but as a strike by the clerical staff was going on, the court gave the respondents July 26 as a new date for filing their reply.

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, directed by Shree Narayan Singh, deals with the need of sanitisation in India and is based on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat campaign. It features Bhumi Pednekar with Akshay.

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Video: Akshay Kumar & Bhumi Pednekar’s Chemistry Is Endearing In This First Song From Toilet: Ek Prem Katha

We were super excited for the trailer of Toilet: Ek Prem Katha because we haven’t ever had a film made on this topic before… and more so, to see the fresh pairing of Akshay Kumarand Bhumi Pednekar. They look so good together and their chemistry is absolutely endearing. Their first song Hans Mat Pagli is proof enough.

Check it out!

Like it?

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Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar make it to Forbes’ 100 highest paid global celebs of 2017 list

Forbes recently released their list of 100 celebs with the highest earning celebs of the year, and to no one’s surprise, we find the usual suspect of Shah Rukh Khan leading the Indian brigade in the list. The list itself is led by US musician Diddy with earnings of $130 million over the year. The top five of the list also has singer Beyonce, Harry Potter author JK Rowling, musician Drake and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Shah Rukh Khan, who appears on the list at the 65th place, has reportedly earned $38 million over the year. This is an improvement over the last year where he was at the 86th place. At 65th place in the year’s list, he is also tied up with Jennifer Lopex and the music group The Chainsmokers. This is what Forbes has to say about the Raees actor’s financial performance – ‘from starring roles in Bollywood movies such as Raees, for which he earns upfront fees and a cut of the back-end for his efforts. He also cashes in on endorsement deals for dozens of brands most Americans have likely never heard of.’

Salman Khan arrives at the 71st position thanks to movies like Sultan ruling at the box office and with Tubelight earning an astronomical price with its rights being sold. Here’s what the list has to say about Bhai, ‘Khan continues to produce and star in films, earning top rupee for flicks such as Sultan, which went on to become the second-highest grossing Bollywood movie of 2016. He remains one of India’s biggest stars, despite criminal controversies.’

Akshay Kumar, who remains a fixture on the list like last year, is at 80th position, thanks to his box office reputation and the fact that he does four movies a year, and all are hits. Forbes has this to say about Khiladi Kumar, who will be next seen in Toilet – Ek Prem Katha, ‘Akshay mints millions through both starring and ensemble roles. He still keeps busy, starring in four movies in our scoring period. Kumar also pulls in seven figures hawking products from deodorant to Eveready batteries.’

Unfortunately, Amitabh Bachchan doesn’t make it to the list this year, nor does Aamir Khan who has the highest grossing Indian movie of all time under his belt. The main reason could be that list that Forbes also considers earnings from endorsement deals, and Salman, SRK and Akshay must have earned more than Aamir and AB through them. Here’s the complete list in chronological order…

1. Diddy, $130 million (Musician, U.S.)

2. Beyoncé, $105 million (Musician, U.S.)

3. J.K. Rowling, $95 million (Author, U.K.)

4. Drake, $94 million (Musician, U.S.)

5. Cristiano Ronaldo, $93 million (Athlete, Portugal)

6. The Weeknd, $92 million (Musician, Canada)

7. Howard Stern, $90 million (Personality, U.S.)

8. Coldplay, $88 million (Musicians, U.K.)

9. James Patterson, $87 million (Author, U.S.)

10. LeBron James, $86 million (Athlete, U.S.)

11. Guns N’ Roses, $84 million (Musicians, U.S.)

11. Rush Limbaugh, $84 million (Personality, U.S.)

13. Justin Bieber, $83.5 million (Musician, Canada)

14. Lionel Messi, $80 million (Athlete, Argentina)

15. Dr. Phil McGraw, $79 million (Personality, U.S.)

16. Ellen DeGeneres, $77 million (Personality, U.S.)

17. Bruce Springsteen, $75 million (Musician, U.S.)

18. Adele, $69 million (Musician, U.K.)

18. Jerry Seinfeld, $69 million (Comedian, U.S.)

20. Mark Wahlberg, $68 million (Actor, U.S.)

21. Metallica, $66.5 million (Musicians, U.S.)

22. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, $65 million (Actor, U.S.)

23. Roger Federer, $64 million (Athlete, Switzerland)

24. David Copperfield, $61.5 million (Magician, U.S.)

25. Kevin Durant, $60.6 million (Athlete, U.S.)

26. Garth Brooks, $60 million (Musician, U.S.)

26. Elton John, $60 million (Musician, U.K.)

26. Gordon Ramsay, $60 million (Personality, U.K.)

29. Ryan Seacrest, $58 million (Personality, U.S.)

30. Chris Rock, $57 million (Comedian, U.S.)

31. Vin Diesel, $54.5 million (Actor, U.S.)

32. Paul McCartney, $54 million (Musician, U.K.)

32. Red Hot Chili Peppers, $54 million (Musicians, U.S.)

34. Louis C.K., $52 million (Comedian, U.S.)

35. Jimmy Buffett, $50.5 million (Musician, U.S.)

35. Adam Sandler, $50.5 million (Actor, U.S.)

37. Andrew Luck, $50 million (Athlete, U.S.)

37. Rory McIlroy, $50 million (Athlete, U.S.)

39. Jackie Chan, $49 million (Actor, China)

40. Calvin Harris, $48.5 million (Musician, U.K.)

41. Robert Downey, Jr., $48 million (Actor, U.S.)

42. Steph Curry, $47.3 million (Athlete U.S.)

43. Dave Chappelle, $47 million (Comedian, U.S.)

43. Judy Sheindlin, $47 million (Personality, U.S.)

45. James Harden, $46.6 million (Athlete, U.S.)

46. Lewis Hamilton, $46 million (Athlete, U.K.)

47. Kim Kardashian West, $45.5 million (Personality, U.S.)

48. Drew Brees, $45.3 million (Athlete, U.S.)

49. Taylor Swift, $44 million (Musician, U.S.)

50. Simon Cowell, $43.5 million (Personality, U.K.)

50. Phil Mickelson, $43.5 million (Athlete, U.S.)

52. Tom Cruise, $43 million (Actor, U.S.)

53. Kenny Chesney, $42.5 million (Musician, U.S.)

53. Steve Harvey, $42.5 million (Personality, U.S.)

55. Luke Bryan, $42 million (Musician, U.S.)

55. Celine Dion, $42 million (Musician, Canada)

55. Jay Z, $42 million (Musician, U.S.)

58. Sofia Vergara, $41 million (Actor, Colombia)

59. Kylie Jenner, $41 million (Personality, U.S.)

60. Bruno Mars, $39 million (Musician, U.S.)

60. Tiësto, $39 million (Musician, Netherlands)

62. Russell Westbrook, $38.6 million (Athlete, U.S.)

63. Sebastian Vettel, $38.5 million (Athlete, Germany)

64. Damian Lillard, $38.4 million (Athlete, U.S.)

65. Shah Rukh Khan, $38 million (Actor, India)

65. Jennifer Lopez, $38 million (Musician, U.S.)

65. The Chainsmokers, $38 million (Musician, U.S.)

68. Novak Djokovic, $37.6 million (Athlete, Serbia)

69. Amy Schumer, $37.5 million (Comedian, U.S.)

70. Tiger Woods, $37.1 million (Athlete, U.S.)

71. Salman Khan, $37 million (Actor, India)

71. Neymar, $37 million (Athlete, Brazil)

71. Bill O’Reilly, $37 million (Personality, U.S.)

71. Dolly Parton, $37 million (Musician, U.S.)

71. Ed Sheeran, $37 million (Musician, U.K.)

76. Dwayne Wade, $36.2 million (Athlete, U.S.)

77. Fernando Alonso, $36 million (Athlete, Spain)

77. Sean Hannity, $36 million (Personality, U.S.)

77. Rihanna, $36 million (Musician, Barbados)

80. Bon Jovi, $35.5 million (Musician, U.S.)

80. Akshay Kumar, $35.5 million (Actor, India)

82. Billy Joel, $35 million (Musician, U.S.)

83. Dr. Dre, $34.5 million (Musician, U.S.)

83. Florida Georgia Line, $34.5 million (Musician, U.S.)

83. Toby Keith, $34.5 million (Musician, U.S.)

83. Jordan Spieth, $34.5 million (Athlete, U.S.)

87. Derrick Rose, $34.2 million (Athlete, U.S.)

88. Usain Bolt, $34.2 million (Athlete, Jamaica)

89. Gareth Bale, $34 million (Athlete, U.K.)

89. Conor McGregor, $34 million (Athlete, Ireland)

89. Britney Spears, $34 million (Musician, U.S.)

92. Kei Nishikori, $33.9 million (Athlete, Japan)

93. Fletcher Cox, $33.4 million (Athlete, U.S.)

94. Clayton Kershaw, $33.4 million (Athlete, U.S.)

95. Chance The Rapper, $33 million (Musician, U.S.)

96. Katy Perry, $33 million (Musician, U.S.)

97. Carmelo Anthony, $32.6 million (Athlete, U.S.)

98. Jason Aldean, $32.5 million (Musician, U.S.)

99. Kevin Hart, $32.5 million (Comedian, U.S.)

100. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, $32 million (Athlete, U.S.)

So congrats to SRK, Salman and Akshay for making us proud again!

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Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Trailer Is A Hit


The trailer of the much talked about and hyped film from Khiladi Akshay Kumar #ToiletEkPremKathaTrailer is out and trending. National Award winning actor Akshay Kumar’s Toilet Ek Prem Katha has been making headlines ever since its trailer has been released. It looks extremely promising as a love story with a strong social message.

It’s time to be a part of Keshav and Jaya’s anokhi love story! Presenting the trailer of Toilet- Ek Prem Katha.

Akshay Kumar to replace Salman Khan on Dus Ka Dum?

Salman Khan’s annual commitment to TV seems to be keeping him busy and this year, you will get to watch the star on TV a lot. While Sony TV has Dus Ka Dum with Salman Khan later this year, Colors also gears up for an early Big Boss 11 this year. On the cards is, Salman Khan’s own production The Farm’s desi adaptation on Colors. But rumors mills are buzzing with news that Akshay Kumar might host Dus Ka Dum as there are issues cropping with Salman’s remuneration and dates. So Sony is currently in a dilemma over the launch of Dus Ka Dum new season. Many names like Ranveer Singh were considered but it seems the channel has found the right face for Dus Ka Dum if Salman does not happen. In all probability, it could be Akshay Kumar if the deals falls in place. But Akshay is already doing The Great Indian Laughter show’ with Star Plus, so it will clash of interest again. Sounds complicated, right?

Recently, the team managing Salman Khan has been given the boot. He was being managed by Reshma Shetty’s agency Matrix and now it’s Sohail Khan’s company that’s managing his work. Apparently, it’s the change of Salman’s management that’s led to this confusion. With Salman and his team quoting an astronomical sum, Sony is rethinking the decision to take this deal further. It’s rumored that the actor’s earlier agency is now managing Akshay Kumar and they are trying hard to get Akshay on board in place of Salman Khan. While it’s been said that the new agency of Salman has quoted a higher fee and his Bigg Boss commitment, Sony team is in soup as to what to do with Dus Ka Dum .

So that’s led the makers to look for other options and that’s why the name of Akshay Kumar is doing the rounds. Akshay Kumar is very keen to do a big TV show this year apart from the laughter show we mentioned earlier.

Meanwhile Sony also gears for the next season of Kaun Banega Crorepati  with Amitabh Bachchan this year. The Kapil Sharma Show also has been given an extension as Kapil has signed a deal for another year. Sony also has another comedy show featuring Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar. So the channel as a backup plan in case Dus Ka Dum does not work out as planned.

Meanwhile with the news of Salman’s Dus Ka Dum going viral, Colors also sprung into action to start work on Bigg Boss 11 . So this year colors will bring an early Bigg Boss, unlike the regular October show. You can expect it by August or September. The format will have commoners as well as celebs like last year. The casting of the show will begin from this year by Endemol Shine, the production house of Bigg Boss. Also there is news that Colors will not be getting Jhalak Dikkhla Ja and India’s Got Talent this year, as they feel the shows don’t generate similar returns as before. With Sony’s success with The Kapil Sharma Show, Colors as well as Star Plus are focusing on comedy genre only, including Sony.

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Akshay Kumar: If open defecation stops completely in India, 30 percent of rape cases would come down

Akshay Kumar

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with BollywoodLife, Akshay Kumar extensively spoke about his upcoming project Toilet – Ek Prem Katha and the importance of toilets in the country. More than building toilets, he wants to promote using the same. He stated that despite having all the amenities provided by the government, often they aren’t used in the best ways by the public. Throughout our interview, as we spoke to the actor, he seemed extremely passionate when he spoke about this project. He also admitted that he is quite enthusiastic when it comes to the films he believes strongly in. Perhaps that’s why most of our conversation revolved around the same.

He said, “I’m doing a film called Toilet. I feel very strongly about it, about women. Because I met few of the women in India, who have no other choice than to go to fields for open defecation. They go there and so much of problems happen. 54 percent of India doesn’t have toilets. They all go in the fields. Not that they don’t have the money or government is not giving them. Government makes it for them but the whole belief is that they would defecate outside and feel more contempt. That’s the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard but that is the belief they have. And in that, women go through a lot. That is why I felt like making this film.”

Akshay further added, “When I heard about the real story of how a women, stood by her ground. She got married to a guy and she realised that he doesn’t have a Toilet at his place. And she asks for a divorce. For just one Toilet. Just one Toilet and I think that woman is unbelievable for standing her ground. It’s not about the toilet, it’s about the shame you go through. I was reading somewhere, if open defecation stops completely in India, 30 percent of rape cases would come down. Because when they go in the fields and all, men are waiting there. This is what happens. It’s a very serious offence. A very serious thing. But I’ve made the whole story in a funny way. I’ve not made it into a preachy thing.”

It surprised us to learn how the actor made some accurate statistical references during our chat. The fact that he was actually calling out numbers to explain his point shows how much he has researched regarding this topic. Considering how the film clashes with Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming next with Imtiaz Ali, Akshay also divulged on his opinion about the clash. The excerpt of which, you can check out in the link pasted above. Surely with this driven attitude of the actor, we’re convinced that the film is going to be really good.

Stay tuned to this space as we’ll bring more scoop from our EXCLUSIVE chat with Akshay Kumar…

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