Hrithik Roshan’s statement on Kangana Ranaut controversy: 10 points


Kaabil actor Hrithik Roshan on Thursday chose to break his silence on his ongoing feud with Simran actor Kangana Ranaut. And instead of beating around the bush, Hrithik quickly got to the point. He narrated why he did what he did and how this so-called lie has affected him and his family.

Hrithik opined that despite there being various loopholes in Kangana’s side of the story, nobody bothers to question it. Because in our society, a girl is always the victim and a man is always the aggressor. And not even once does Hrithik say this disgracefully. He accepts that that is how he has been raised and how he will bring his children up. But largely it looks like Hrithik is making a plea as to how a “well meaning and probably necessary social bias towards women has” left him helpless in defending himself.

1. Why has Hrithik been silent?

Hrithik gives a justified reason about him being quiet so far. Almost all of Hrithik’s fans have been wondering that when Kangana has been speaking her heart out at her various interviews with Rajat Sharma, Rajeev Masand and Barkha Dutt, why he has chosen to stay silent for alomst four years now. Especially after being in a situation where silence reeks of guilt. To this Hrithik calmly accepts his mistake and says that as much as he tried to ignore this fall-out, it turned out to be like a disease which turned even more malignant when ignored.

2. No private relations with Kangana!

Though this may sound a little unbelievable and outrageous but Hrithik has confidently alleged in his statement that apart from their professional commitments, Hrithik never met Kangana in a private capacity. And when Kangana’s sister Rangoli retaliated to Hrithik’s statement recently, she ignored this part, having no answers.

3. The so-called ‘Good Guy Image’

Understanding the implication of his statement, Hrithik is bold enough to say it out loud that he is not one who will childishly try to uphold the ‘good guy image’ in the industry. Rather, he says that he is also a human and knows that he has made a number of mistakes in the past but this matter at hand has a much bigger purpose than just defending his own character.

4. Girl-the victim and Man-the aggressor

Hrithik then goes on to say that people and media have stopped questioning Kangana’s side of the story, just because it fits in their ‘model of the world’ where a girl is the victim and a man is the aggressor. But, no where does Hrithik lose his temper while making a point. Because while saying this he doesn’t fail to accept that women have been at the receiving end of abuse from centuries. But that doesn’t mean there could not be an exception.

5. No evidences or pictures

One of the most valid questions that Hrithik asks in the statement is that why are there no pictures of Hrithik and Kangana together if two high-profile celebs like them were allegedly in a seven-year-long relationship. He even asks that if they reportedly got engaged in Paris in Janaury 2014, it doesn’t make sense for Kangana to not have even one momento.

6. No passport stamp for Paris

In an explosive comment, Hrithik also alleges that in January 2014, he didn’t travel outside India, let alone going to Paris and pop the question to Kangana. He is even ready to submit his passport as proof of the matter.

7. Why would a girl lie?

Hrithik quips that people are not even bothered about all these questions because the common mentality is ‘why would a girl lie?’. But he even goes to explain that this is the learning that he has imbibed from his parents and that is what he will teach his children as well. But that doesn’t mean closing our ears to the other side of the story.

8. Ex-wife Suzanne’s clarification

Hrithik also talks about the picture of Hrithik and Kangana getting intimate in party which went viral. Not only does Hrithik claim that it is photoshopped but he also clarifies that all his friends including his ex-wife have been in support of Hrithik right after the picture was released.

9. Surrendering of devices

In proof of his above-mentioned assertions, Hrithik has said that he has submitted all his electronic devices including laptops or phones to the cyber cell for the investigation to smoothly take place further.

10. No, he’s not angry

Unlike Kangana and Rangoli, Hrithik has expressed that he is not venting out his anger with his statement. He is rather trying to defend his side of the story. Hrithik even mentions that even his divorce was a peaceful affair and how he has never had a fight all his life. All he wants from the issue is to express what he feels is the truth. Because when a lie like this is promoted on public platforms, it leads to suffering of children, families and societies.

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“This Isn’t A Lovers’ Spat” – 8 Explosive Revelations About Kangana Ranaut By Hrithik Roshan


If you’ve kept up with Bollywood news, you most definitely will know of the nasty controversy surrounding Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan. The former has given one explosive interview after the other and said lots of things about her relationship with him. If you’d like a recap, you can read it all here. There’s currently an on-going legal battle between the two, and while Hrithik had kept mum all this while, he has finally decided to come forth and reveal his side of the story through a Facebook post.

Here are 10 revelations Hrithik made.

1. About why he chose to not react all this while.

I choose to be on a path of creativity, productivity and constructive work. Anything that isn’t in alignment with that, I tend to ignore, sidestep and treat as a distraction.

I believe that ignorance, non reaction and staying on the path of dignity is the best way to discourage any persistent unwanted intrusions. But Just like a nagging health issue sometimes ignored can turn malignant, this situation for me has unfortunately turned malignant.

In case of the matter at hand , it seems the media has no intention of letting go.

I don’t see any grace in adding to this circus by testifying in defence of my character in a situation that I have no involvement in whatsoever.”

2. He has never met Kangana privately

I have been dragged into a dirty perverse mess without a choice in the matter. This is something that is not of my making.

The truth is, I have never met the lady in question one on one in my entire life. Yes, we have worked together, but there has been no meeting in private. Thats the truth.”

3. He’s not trying to keep up a ‘good guy’ image

Please understand, I am not fighting against an allegation of an affair. Or being childish trying to uphold a ‘good guy” image. I am very aware of my faults, I am human.

I am in fact protecting myself from something far more serious, sensitive and destructive than that.

Sadly, very few from the media or the public seem to be interested in the truth. This has been a hard-learnt fact for me.”

4. The media jumped to conclusions because it’s easier to believe that the woman is always the victim

If the people are comfortable with a lie because it doesn’t threaten their model of the world where a girl is the victim and the man the aggressor then so be it. I am ok with that too.

Women have suffered centuries of abuse at the hands of men and it infuriates me how some men can be so brutal and they deserve the harshest punishment. But by that logic if it ordains that one man can’t be vulnerable and one woman can’t be a liar, so be it. I’m ok with that too.”

5. He questioned Kangana claims of a 7-year long affair as there’s no evidence, ‘not even a selfie’

An alleged 7-year long, passionate affair between two high profile celebrities with no trail left behind.

No evidence, no paparazzi pictures, no witnesses, not even a memento in possession like a selfie taken at the alleged engagement which is claimed to have happened in Paris in Jan 2014. Nothing that constitutes an exchange or any sort of proof of a romantic relationship.

Yet we want to believe the other party because the rhetoric is -why would a girl lie.”

6. He has his passport as proof

My passport details show no travel outside the country in Jan 2014, which is the date that this alleged engagement supposedly took place. In Paris.

The only so-called proof presented of this alleged “relationship”, was a photoshopped picture in the media. This was immediately exposed, the very next day by friends including my ex-wife.

These questions are not even asked, because we are taught to protect the woman, as we should. I myself have been brought up to think the same way, by my parents and the wonderful women in my life who have been my rock and support system. I’m deeply grateful to them. I will do my best to teach my children the same values of family and dignity. And yes, I will teach them to stand up for women. Always.”

7. The case isn’t shut yet and Hritihik has surrendered all his devices while Kangana still hasn’t

There are 3000 one sided mails which either I have sent to myself or the woman in question has sent to me. The Cyber-Crime Dept. can prove or disprove either story, in just a few days. Towards that purpose, I have surrendered all my devices including laptops / phones etc which are still lying with the cyber cell , but the other party has refused to do so. The investigation hasn’t been closed.”

8. This isn’t a lovers’ spat

This is not, and I repeat, not a lovers spat. I humbly request people to stop labelling it as one and, for a second, try and see it for what it really is.

I have been harassed by this for 4 years and the well meaning and probably necessary social bias toward women has deemed me helpless in defending myself.

I am not angry, I have seldom allowed anger into my life. I have not had a single fight in my life, with a man or a woman. Even in my divorce, there was no fight. I, and those around me, have always chosen peace.

I am not here to accuse or judge anyone, but it’s time I defend the truth because when truth suffers the collective consciousness of society suffers. Civilization suffers. Closer to home, families suffer. Children suffer.”

Well, there you have it straight from the horse’s mouth. His father Rakesh Roshan too came forward yesterday and gave a statement.

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“The Truth Will Be Out Soon” – Rakesh Roshan Breaks His Silence On The Kangana-Hrithik Controversy

Kangana Ranaut‘s tell-all interviews before the release of her film Simran grabbed many headlines and eyeballs! She opened up about her struggling days in Bollywood, being physically abused and her relationship with Hrithik Roshan which the latter refused to acknowledge.

All throughout Kangana’s bold interviews, the Roshans maintained a stoic silence. But not anymore, as they reportedly plan to fight back now. Rakesh Roshan spoke to DNA about the matter:

We are not loose talkers. We don’t believe in making wild unsubstantiated accusations. We have submitted our complaint with all the proof. If you want a copy of the complaint, please request it from our lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani’s office, as it is now in the public domain.”

Also, Arnab Goswami’s channel Republic released a copy of the alleged complaint on Monday which gave a new twist to the controversy. Roshan Sr. told DNA:

If you read the complaint, you will be shocked by the facts. We gave our side of the truth to the cybercrime branch on April 8, 2017. We submitted all the authentic, relevant documents with all the emails and electronic gadgets. It’s now up to the authorities to decide who’s telling the truth. We’ve always believed in the power of the truth. I was taught to be honest by my father and I’ve taught Hrithik the same. In this matter, the truth will be out soon.”

Your thoughts?

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“He Was Bullying Me” – Kangana Ranaut Lashes Out At Hrithik Roshan


Kangana Ranaut has been breaking the Internet one explosive interview after the other. She hung out with an equally feisty lady, Barkha Dutt, last evening for a live chat, and Kangana was as unfiltered as she possibly could have been. Standing true to her nature, she bravely took on every question that came her way and didn’t mince words when she was asked about the biggest controversy of the year – her affair with Hrithik Roshan. Here are excerpts from her interview.

When asked about being called a liar and being accused of fabricating an affair:

None of this matters. No matter who thinks what but when Hrithik Roshan himself says to me that he doesn’t know me and that all of this was in my mind, and I imagined that all of it was just someone impersonating him, it sounds really bizarre – almost like a bad film. It seems like a bizarre nightmare. It doesn’t make sense. What people say, what they think of our equation, it’s of no consequence.”

She put everything at stake for this and spent money on lawyers

I have put everything at stake for that legal battle. If i had to end it on this note, I could have said sorry to him. He said to me three times that if you don’t want to apologise to me publicly, at least apologise to me privately. If this is where I have to stop, when it didn’t go anywhere, then what was the point of that whole exercise and spending so much money? He’s spending his father’s money but I’m spending my own money on lawyers. So, what is the point?”

She explained how it all started…

The case has ended. He’s gone in circles and circles to confuse people but I’ll clarify it in three lines. He sent me a legal notice. I spoke in some interview saying ‘silly ex’. So, he sent me a notice saying ‘I’m that silly ex you’re talking about and you have to publicly apologise to me because you’re causing great damage to my image. And he also claimed that if I failed to do so, he will leak some of my private images and videos, he will expose me. I don’t know what he meant – if he will expose me, my body, what… but if I failed to do so, he would expose me. So, I replied back to him saying ‘A. You have to prove that you’re that silly ex. B. You can’t blackmail any girl like that.’ There’s seven years imprisonment for something like this, and girls, you should know that. No one can release any of the material that was exchanged between two parties. So, he was completely shocked that I didn’t get scared. That I hired a lawyer, that people coming from villages also had money. So, then, he took an U Turn. She changed his stance. He said let her say she had an affair and that she was with someone but that wasn’t me. That was my imposter and I have no collection of any meeting or communication with an imposter. But that’s none of my business if someone wants to find their imposter. His and my case ends here. Now starts his case with his imposter.”

She went about doing her things…

Eventually truth was on my side and the cyber cell gave their report and said there was no imposter. So, you see, this is what extra marital affairs make you do! He’s not a criminal but it makes you one. Guys, listen to this. So, please refrain from extramarital affairs. I paid for his mistakes.”

She said he wanted to shut her up…

He was bullying me. I don’t think he thought I’d hit back. He’s seen me as too docile in love, too tame. He must be so shocked to see this side of mine and suddenly see me gather so much strength. He wanted to shut me up with that notice.”

Does Kangana really want an apology?

It’s been the most traumatic phase of my life. That chapter is over. He said he wanted an apology from me, so in that context I said I’m the one who’s owed an apology. But do I really want an apology? No. I’m done with that.”

Kangana also spoke about her abusive relationship with Aditya Pancholi.

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“I want an apology”, Kangana Ranaut calls out Hrithik Roshan again – watch video


One of the biggest controversies that will go down in the history of Bollywood is the feud between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan. The two actors met when they shot for the film Kites, and then teamed up for Krrish 3, again. They were also rumoured to star in Aashiqui 3, and then everything went downhill. During a media conversation, Kangana was asked about the reports that suggested that she was ousted from Aashqiui 3 on Hrithik’s behest and she said “Why do exes do silly things?”. Thus, stirring a BIG controversy, that became more shocking with passing time, as more details of the two actors’ alleged romance came to light. While this controversy is two years old, and people are at the verge of forgetting it all, Kangana is not in the mood to let if fizzle out so easily. In her interview with Rajat Sharma on his show Aap Ki Adalat, the actress demanded an apology from Hrithik.

In the promo of the episode released by Rajat Sharma, we see Kangana, teary eyed, narrating her ordeal. She says that the personal emails that were leaked are still being Googled and that people are reading them like a gossip magazine. In the short promo, which has the theme of Fashion as the background score, Kangana also sheds light on the “mental and emotional trauma” she suffered during the entire fiasco.

Watch the promo here:

Well, this might be too little to judge from. So, we are now eagerly waiting for the whole episode to be aired so that we can get a better sense of the situation.

As per reports, Kangana claimed that she had an affair with the actor, while Hrithik, not only denied it but also sent a legal notice to her. He even claimed that Kanagana had been talking to an impostor the whole time. Kangana had also sent a counter-legal notice to Hrithik and the cycle continued.

Gear up guys, the drama is not over yet!

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Not Hrithik Roshan, but Shah Rukh Khan will be in Kabir Khan’s next

SRK, Kabir, Hritik

SRK, Kabir, Hritik

Kabir Khan managed a casting coup in Tubelight when he got Shah Rukh Khan to do a cameo in the film. We don’t know yet if the actor will share screen space with Salman Khan or not but the fact that he is in the same film as his Khan buddy was enough for us. But not for Kabir it seems. Now the director will helm a short film which will have SRK in the lead. It’s for Dubai tourism.

As per a report in Bollywoodhungama, Kabir will shoot the video in May with SRK. Leading casting director Mukesh Chabra is looking to hire actors for the same and has put up posts on his Facebook page. You all might remember that Shah Rukh Khan, who is the brand ambassador of Dubai Tourism, shot a video for them where he can be seen shocking tourists with his presence. There were also scenes where he is seen serving the guests of a restaurant stunning them. We wonder what will he be seen doing now.

Kabir Khan’s next feature film will be with Hrithik Roshan about which everyone was very happy about. The film will be produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. Hrithik had told a daily about it saying, “Working with Kabir is going to be fantastic. And I feel very assured (working) with Sajid.” Kabir on his part had added, “Hrithik, Sajid bhai and I have been very eager to work together for a while now. So it’s happening, for sure.” We also told you how the director and the actor are in the process of finalising the actress and in all probability, it is Deepika Padukone who will bag the role opposite the actor. That will be a great pairing, we haven’t seen them together before and thus, this film is something we are damn excited about.

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Is Hrithik Roshan considering writing a book?

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Actor Hrithik Roshan is thinking of writing a book on his life, but says he doesnt have a flair for writing. Be it Karan Johar’s much talked-about biography ‘An Unsuitable Boy’, Yasser Usman’s ‘Rekha: The Untold Story’ or actor Rishi Kapoor’s autobiography ‘Khullam Khulla’, celebrities are telling their Bollywood stories in an uncensored style. Even superstar Shah Rukh Khan is working on his autobiography.

Hrithik, who has seen several ups and downs in personal and professional life, admits that the thought of coming out with a book has crossed his mind.

“I have thought of it, but I am not a writer. I am still thinking of it,” Hrithik said. The ‘Kaabil’ star also confessed that he doesn’t harbour any dream of sitting on a director’s chair, unlike his father Rakesh Roshan.

He said: “Being a director requires internal calling. I don’t have that calling. People might say that I am very involved, I have idea s but having an idea about something, tweaking something or adding something is different from creating from scratch. I don’t think I have that.”

After the success of ‘Kaabil’, Hrithik has not signed any other film project yet.

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What Hrithik Roshan Has To Say When Asked If He & Sussanne Are Reuniting

Hrithik Roshan, Sussanne Khan

Hrithik Roshan, Sussanne Khan

Recent blind items and rumours have been suggesting a possible reconciliation between Hrithik and Sussanne – and it’s not difficult to see why. The two seem to be spending more time together these days, both with family and without. Sussanne has been vocal in her support of Hrithik’s latest film. And most recently, they went on a “triple” date with Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, making it look even likelier that a patch-up is on the cards.

However, according to DNA, Hrithik has shot down these rumours. He simply said that he and Sussanne are friends and they love and care for each other, but “that’s about all.”

As for Sussanne and I being seen with Akshay and Twinkle, I must admit I’ve grown very fond of them.

Interestingly, the author claims earlier in the piece that “of late, it’s not just friendship” and that Sussanne’s friends “have been teasing her about Hrithik.” Hmm!

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“Hrithik Went & Cried To The Entire Industry, Tried To Sabotage My Career” – Kangana Ranaut

Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut

Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut

On of Bollywood’s biggest scandals last year was the controversy that took place between ex co-stars Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut. This will most definitely go down in history as one of the worst public spats to have happened in Bollywood. It all started when Kangana called Hrithik her silly ex, and the latter couldn’t take that sitting down. He alleged that Kangana was imagining things and that an imposter was exchanging emails with her under the pretext of being Roshan. Legal battles were fought, PR teams were functioning on overdrive, lawyers were giving out statements, until one fine day, when this suddenly died down.

It’s been a while now, and while Hrithik has steered clear of talking about this controversy, Kangana spoke about the incident with Firstpost. Here are excerpts.

There were instances when he (Hrithik) was going and crying to the entire industry, wanting them to sabotage my career, and people were calling me and saying – ‘He met us, he has showed us proofs and (do you) want to meet us because we want to know your side of the story as well?’  But I was like, it is none of your business.”

She also spoke of when she was threatened.

The threats were quite open, weren’t they? They said they would release some statements, they would reveal something, say something… ‘We will expose her and everyone will be shocked’… something along those lines… It is not that I knew this sort of game plan that would be unleashed against me. So I thought there would be some reveal but there was none and obviously those were just threats.”

Wow, this really is ugly!

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“I Was Restricted To A Relationship That Was Behind Closed Doors” – Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan

Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan

The Kanagana Ranaut-Hrithik Roshan saga was one of the biggest talking points last year. Both of them, at different times, alluded to the incident and tried to defend their side of the story.

In a recent interview to Mid-Day, Kangana said:

I was dragged to court for being who I am. I was restricted to a relationship that was (carried out) behind closed doors and I fought it fair and square. People (can) talk rubbish, but they can’t decide how I lead my life. I felt stigmatised. I would wake up to (media reports) of hideous emails, which I hadn’t written. I am a certified screenwriter from the New York Film Academy. I don’t write such crap.”

She added:

Someone I once shared a beautiful equation with did it… and with such malice. It did hurt me.”

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