Kangana Ranaut: Simran will beat up her boyfriend if he leaks her personal details in public – watch exclusive video


Kangana Ranaut will be back on the big screen with this Friday’s Simran. The trailer of the film seems like a quirky one and feel good flick. In the trailer Simran aka Praful Patel, the character is actually named as, is shown as the independent woman, who is happy and content in life, however she is a kleptomaniac and as an addiction of gambling. So when I caught with Kangana Ranaut and Simran’s director Hansal Mehta, in a BollywoodLife exclusive, I gave them few situations and asked them to anticipate how would Simran (Praful Patel, the character) would react. When asked about if Simran sees her boyfriend flirting with another girl, Kangana says that Simran will see another boy around and make her way through that.

Simran is a kleptomaniac in the film, so when the duo were asked what if someone steals something from her which she had also stolen in the first place, what would she do? Here, Hansal Mehta was quick to answer that Simran will beat up that guy because she too faced difficulty in stealing the stuff.

Then Kangana was asked what would she do if Simran’s boyfriend leaks her personal details in public, Hansal said, she’d definitely beat him up. Kangana added, “Bahut Pitoge” and  then added that she’d beat him up when they’ll be at home.

It’s a known fact that Kangana Ranaut was approached for Salman Khan’s Sultan but apparently she rejected the role and in return asked Aditya Chopra Sultan’s title role instead. So when they were asked if Simran bags a Salman Khan film how would she react, Hansal and Kangana both were of opinion that she’d ask for Salman Khan’s role.

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Kangana Ranaut EXPOSES Bollywood’s sexist behaviour – read details


Kangana Ranaut is an unabashed actress who we really admire, not only for her acting but also for the way she speaks her heart out. Over the past few weeks, she has taken up topics such as nepotism and pay disparity head on and slammed these practices prevalent in Bollywood. And now again, she has gone on to expose Bollywood’s sexist behaviour. Not only did she reveal that actors are given more priority than actresses, but also mentioned how it is easier to get your way around men when you pamper their ego. However, she clearly mentioned how she can’t do such things ever in her life…

Talking to Mid-day, Kangana made quite a few shocking revelations about sexism in Bollywood. As she revealed to the tabloid, “They want actresses to be dumb and pretty. I can’t act dumb. I can’t sit on a set pampering the male ego, just because it’s the easier way to get your way around men. To expect men to stand up for feminism is silly. They are used to being a priority in every field. It was a life of comfort for them — women were looking after their homes, giving them sex. Suddenly, women are coming out of this chauvinistic spell and asking relevant questions. That is bothering the men. Women, too, are sometimes more chauvinistic than men, perpetuating the ‘men are better’ complex.”

On the professional front, Kangana Ranaut’s Simran releases this Friday (September 15) and hence she has been busy promoting the film. Post the release, the actress will start shooting for her ambitious project, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. Anyway, what do you guys have to say about Kangana’s remarks on sexism in Bollywood? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli slams Aditya Pancholi’s wife: Because of women like you, evil creeps like Pancholi exist


Kangana Ranaut has been receiving mixed reactions from audiences, media and film fraternity for her statements that have made some shocking revelations about the actor’s relationship with Hrithik Roshan and the physical abuse she went through while dating Aditya Pancholi for a couple of years. While Zarina Wahab, wife of Aditya, has reacted to the entire episode, Rangoli Ranaut, Kangana’s sister took to Twitter to call out on Zarina’s claims made in an exclusive interview to Pinkvilla through a series of tweets.

Rangoli questioned Zarina about why she took Kangana to meet Sanjay Leela Bhansali or why she introduced her to her sisters. She also mentioned that Zarina should take into note that she is equally responsible for the physical abuse inflicted on Kangana by Aditya Pancholi as she chose to remain silent even after knowing everything about it.

“If Kangana mt Pancholi in2005 n lodgd FIR agnst Pncholi in Versva Plice Station in2007 hw cn dey date fr 4yrs Zarina g. Sana Pancholi is born in 1985 Kangana Ranaut is brn in 1987 do u hv shame u r a prt of dis exploitation of a grl youngr dan ur own daughter? she has pleaded you many times to help bt instead u gave her diamonds and got her dresses frm Bangkok took her to meet Sanjay Leela Bhansali. U bth sud b behnd d bars, I wan 2 knw if U knw ur husbnd s exploitin dis minr, y wl u giv hr gifts n lure hr by takin hr 2 bg directrs home? Y wud u gift Kangana diamonds and clothes frm Bangkok n request her nt to go to cops if you knew ur husband is dating her as claimed by you? You didn’t only take her to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s house but you also took her to meet your sisters in Bandra. and you sent regular fish biryani to her house and pleaded her not to go to cops.
Why Zarina ji pls answer ??? Shame on you it’s because of women like you, evil creeps like Pancholi exist in this society,(sic)” she wrote on her Twitter account.





Kangana, in an interview had spoken about how she went to Zarina for help expecting that she would consider the fact that she is as young as Zarina’s daughter. However, she did not get any sort of help. Zarina reacting to the statement from Kangana, in an interview to PinkVilla.com, said, “I read Kangana has said ‘She (Zarina) used to treat her (Kangana) like a daughter…” This is completely untrue! When I knew she was dating my husband how can I say she’s like my daughter? That is ridiculous!” She added, “If she found Aditya to be such a bad person why was she with him? They were together for four-and-a-half years. When I first started hearing what she was saying I felt bad for her actually.”

This is not the first time when Rangoli has spoken on behalf of Kangana. Recently, she was mired in controversy for slamming singer Sona Mohapatra who claimed that Kangana Ranaut is digging the past with Hrithik Roshan just as a part of her film promotions.

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“He Was Bullying Me” – Kangana Ranaut Lashes Out At Hrithik Roshan


Kangana Ranaut has been breaking the Internet one explosive interview after the other. She hung out with an equally feisty lady, Barkha Dutt, last evening for a live chat, and Kangana was as unfiltered as she possibly could have been. Standing true to her nature, she bravely took on every question that came her way and didn’t mince words when she was asked about the biggest controversy of the year – her affair with Hrithik Roshan. Here are excerpts from her interview.

When asked about being called a liar and being accused of fabricating an affair:

None of this matters. No matter who thinks what but when Hrithik Roshan himself says to me that he doesn’t know me and that all of this was in my mind, and I imagined that all of it was just someone impersonating him, it sounds really bizarre – almost like a bad film. It seems like a bizarre nightmare. It doesn’t make sense. What people say, what they think of our equation, it’s of no consequence.”

She put everything at stake for this and spent money on lawyers

I have put everything at stake for that legal battle. If i had to end it on this note, I could have said sorry to him. He said to me three times that if you don’t want to apologise to me publicly, at least apologise to me privately. If this is where I have to stop, when it didn’t go anywhere, then what was the point of that whole exercise and spending so much money? He’s spending his father’s money but I’m spending my own money on lawyers. So, what is the point?”

She explained how it all started…

The case has ended. He’s gone in circles and circles to confuse people but I’ll clarify it in three lines. He sent me a legal notice. I spoke in some interview saying ‘silly ex’. So, he sent me a notice saying ‘I’m that silly ex you’re talking about and you have to publicly apologise to me because you’re causing great damage to my image. And he also claimed that if I failed to do so, he will leak some of my private images and videos, he will expose me. I don’t know what he meant – if he will expose me, my body, what… but if I failed to do so, he would expose me. So, I replied back to him saying ‘A. You have to prove that you’re that silly ex. B. You can’t blackmail any girl like that.’ There’s seven years imprisonment for something like this, and girls, you should know that. No one can release any of the material that was exchanged between two parties. So, he was completely shocked that I didn’t get scared. That I hired a lawyer, that people coming from villages also had money. So, then, he took an U Turn. She changed his stance. He said let her say she had an affair and that she was with someone but that wasn’t me. That was my imposter and I have no collection of any meeting or communication with an imposter. But that’s none of my business if someone wants to find their imposter. His and my case ends here. Now starts his case with his imposter.”

She went about doing her things…

Eventually truth was on my side and the cyber cell gave their report and said there was no imposter. So, you see, this is what extra marital affairs make you do! He’s not a criminal but it makes you one. Guys, listen to this. So, please refrain from extramarital affairs. I paid for his mistakes.”

She said he wanted to shut her up…

He was bullying me. I don’t think he thought I’d hit back. He’s seen me as too docile in love, too tame. He must be so shocked to see this side of mine and suddenly see me gather so much strength. He wanted to shut me up with that notice.”

Does Kangana really want an apology?

It’s been the most traumatic phase of my life. That chapter is over. He said he wanted an apology from me, so in that context I said I’m the one who’s owed an apology. But do I really want an apology? No. I’m done with that.”

Kangana also spoke about her abusive relationship with Aditya Pancholi.

Source : https://www.missmalini.com/2017/09/02/bullying-kangana-ranaut-lashes-hrithik-roshan/#axzz4reckA2Rv

“I want an apology”, Kangana Ranaut calls out Hrithik Roshan again – watch video


One of the biggest controversies that will go down in the history of Bollywood is the feud between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan. The two actors met when they shot for the film Kites, and then teamed up for Krrish 3, again. They were also rumoured to star in Aashiqui 3, and then everything went downhill. During a media conversation, Kangana was asked about the reports that suggested that she was ousted from Aashqiui 3 on Hrithik’s behest and she said “Why do exes do silly things?”. Thus, stirring a BIG controversy, that became more shocking with passing time, as more details of the two actors’ alleged romance came to light. While this controversy is two years old, and people are at the verge of forgetting it all, Kangana is not in the mood to let if fizzle out so easily. In her interview with Rajat Sharma on his show Aap Ki Adalat, the actress demanded an apology from Hrithik.

In the promo of the episode released by Rajat Sharma, we see Kangana, teary eyed, narrating her ordeal. She says that the personal emails that were leaked are still being Googled and that people are reading them like a gossip magazine. In the short promo, which has the theme of Fashion as the background score, Kangana also sheds light on the “mental and emotional trauma” she suffered during the entire fiasco.

Watch the promo here:

Well, this might be too little to judge from. So, we are now eagerly waiting for the whole episode to be aired so that we can get a better sense of the situation.

As per reports, Kangana claimed that she had an affair with the actor, while Hrithik, not only denied it but also sent a legal notice to her. He even claimed that Kanagana had been talking to an impostor the whole time. Kangana had also sent a counter-legal notice to Hrithik and the cycle continued.

Gear up guys, the drama is not over yet!

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Karan Johar, Saif Ali Khan, Varun Dhawan and the art of the non-apology

Also known as World Nepotism Day. Also known as the day that one of the biggest sh*tstorms of Bollywood commenced. Also known as the day that Kween Kangana took a big fat mirror, mirror on the wall and held it up to the bad bully of tinsel town.

This day marked the start of Karan ‘flag bearer of nepotism’ Johar’s new identity. It was also the day that the strugglers and the outsiders found a shining, albeit minuscule, beacon of hope.

It was the day that Kangana Ranaut appeared on Karan Johar’s (in)famous chat show Koffee With Karan and left Bollywood as we know it — shook (pardon me, my millennial is showing).

Several controversies later, the Hindi film industry was in the news once again at the IIFA 2017 awards function held in New Jersey — as three of Bollywood’s beaming products of nepotism waved their privileged silver-spoons in the air as they cracked tasteless wisecracks about a strong and unfiltered individual in her absence.

Now I’m all for jokes, even dark humour (AIB roast — hilarious), but when you take a hot topic that affects many (Mumbai isn’t known as the City of Dreams for nothing; outsiders swarm in millions to make something out of themselves here) and make light of the matter on an influential public platform — juxtaposing an issue that many face discrimination over, with ‘yo mama, yo papa’ jokes, especially when you are the very force that forms the driving factor behind said discrimination — then it is clear that you are bullies. Plain and simple.

What followed is a tradition in Bollywood — if there is a statement, there will be a retraction.

Behold, the outpouring of ‘heartfelt’ apologies and ‘genuine regret’ while looking at the incident in hindsight. Behold carefully crafted words scripted by PR representatives of the stars, with the sole purpose of doing damage control before their client’s reputation is blown to smithereens.

So here we have Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan and Saif Ali Khan taking to various social media platforms and giving exclusive one-on-one interviews where they are deeply apologetic over what has transpired.

Because it’s not like they didn’t know they were going to crack the joke right? It’s not like they didn’t conceive, conceptualise and consequently pen the whole damn thing down in their pre-written script for the most awaited award function of Bollywood.

Nope, the joke came out of nowhere, hit them smack in their face and took them by complete surprise; much like their papa-mumma’s legacy.”

Make no mistake, there will be countless more Karans, Saifs and Varuns that will make such comments in the future, just because they can. Because they were born into a family that had already established a name for themselves and these kids were none too happy to accept that, and flaunt it.

Let’s see how Karan Johar would have made his directorial debut without such ease if it weren’t for veteran director Yash Johar a.k.a Karan’s Papa. How Saif Ali Khan would have gotten his big break if it weren’t for yesteryear’s beloved star Sharmila Tagore. How Sara Ali Khan is getting her big break because of her dad. How Varun Dhawan would have blown us all away with his impeccable comic timing without comedy king David Dhawan.

There’s no denying that these individuals are talented — they wouldn’t have been able to sustain themselves in the industry if they weren’t (*cough* Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Esha Deol *cough*), but their parents’ legacy had a lot to do with the turbo push that they received which propelled them towards immediate stardom.

Because what mind boggling level of privilege would you have to come from to actually feel entitled, moreover comfortable, to make the joke ‘Nepotism Rocks’!?

One thing is for sure — Saif, Karan and Varun may not yet have mastered their craft, but they sure have mastered the Art of the Non-Apology.

They will because they can, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.


Kangana Ranaut reveals she has marriage plans in 2017

Kangana Ranaut is not one to be once bitten, twice shy. Even after making headlines this year for her ugly legal spat with rumoured ex Hrithik Roshan, the actor still believes in the institution of marriage.

Legal notices were exchanged, a former lover even referred to her as a “witch,” but Kangana is not deterred. In an upcoming episode of Vh1 Inside Access, Kangana revealed that she wants to get hitched in 2017. The actor’s response was to a question about what fans can expect from her in the new year.

There is conjecture that Kangana has found love again, for when she was asked about the lucky guy, her suggestive smile spoke volumes.

Source : http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/kangana-ranaut-marriage-new-year-hrithik-roshan-fight/1/845958.html

Kangana Ranaut severely injured after being hit by sword during Manikarnika shoot, hospitalised


Kangana Ranaut escaped a near-fatal accident while shooting for her upcoming film, Manikarnika – The Queen Of Jhansi. Mid-Day reports that the shoot in Hyderabad went horribly awry when Kangana got hit by a sword on her forehead while filming an intense sword-fighting sequence and began bleeding profusely.

A unit hand told the publication, “Kangana was immediately rushed to Apollo hospital nearby, where she was admitted into the ICCU. She got 15 stitches on her forehead and will be under observation in the hospital for a few days. The examining doctor said that it was a close shave for her because the cut was too close to her bone.”

Producer Kamal Jain said that Kangana refused to use a body double and even though the scene had been rehearsed many times before, the timing went wrong this time. “Kangana had to duck when Nihar (Pandya) attacked her, but the timing went wrong and Nihar’s sword hit her forehead instead. It made a deep cut between her eyebrows. The drive to the hospital took a good 30 minutes, but she put up a brave front despite the pain and bleeding. Nihar was apologetic and felt terrible, but Kangana pacified him,” he said.

It is likely that the actress will be left with a scar, according to the examining doctor. However, Kangana wants to flaunt her scar in the film. “Rani of Jhansi was a warrior. So Kangana has decided that she will wear her scar with pride just like the Queen of Jhansi did,” a source said.

Kangana, who will be discharged from the hospital next week, may have to undergo cosmetic surgery after the film is completed.

Manikarnika – The Queen Of Jhansi will reportedly release in April next year.

Source :http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/kangana-ranaut-injured-hit-by-sword-manikarnika-hospitalised/1/1006380.html

Bollywood’s Latest Controversy! Why Kangana Would Snatch The Hard Earned Work Of Simran’s Writer?


National Award-winning film editor and screenwriter Apurva Asrani is unhappy with actress Kangana Ranaut for apparently claiming that she has co-written the script of the upcoming film Simran.

Besides starring in the Hansal Mehta directorial, Kangana Ranaut has been credited as “additional dialogue and story” writer in the film’s poster. In a lengthy post on Facebook on Wednesday, Asrani said it was “demeaning for any writer’s name to be pushed after an additional writing credit”. He said he was not offended by the credits, rather feels “betrayed” by Kangana.

“Ranaut has been claiming in several interviews that Hansal Mehta, the director of ‘Simran‘, approached her with just a one line screenplay of the film. She says the story was dark and gritty thriller at that stage and that she herself developed it into a light, fun film,” Asrani wrote.

“This completely discredits me and my efforts, and I have to call out this lie at the cost of so many of her fans turning against me. Those that know me will know that I have always strived for the truth and that is more important to me than a hit film,” he added.

Asrani shared that Mehta sent him a news article of a woman in the US who crossed the line of the law.

“I loved it and thought it would make a great film. But I didn’t want to do a serious film after ‘Aligarh‘. As gratifying as the experience of making ‘Aligarh‘ was, it churned my insides out and left me emotionally drained. I saw ‘Simran’ as an opportunity to have some fun. This was two years ago,” Asrani said.

Asrani said that both Kangana and Hansal gave him valuable inputs while he incorporated some and rejected the others.

“They were always happy with the outcome… At no point (during nine drafts and one and a half year) was there any talk or communication that Kangana didn’t like the tone or direction of the script. In fact, she used to jump with glee when I finished my narrations,” Asrani said.

Asrani said that things got bitter the day after he “finished the first cut of the film” and Mehta informed him “nervously that Kangana is turning director and therefore has demanded a co-writer credit”.

“I naturally had a shit fit and feeling shocked and betrayed. I refused to give in… I finally gave into an additional writing credit, but only because they claimed their film would be stuck if I didn’t do so. But I refused to give her a co-writer credit, and we signed a letter where they promised me the same,” he added.

Asrani says he can’t understand “why Kangana would snatch the hard earned work of a writer”.

“I wish she had been graceful about this and acknowledged what I brought to this film. I also wish that my dear friend Hansal shows some spine and either refutes or endorses my story,” he said.

Simran is slated to release on September 15.

Source : http://www.koimoi.com/bollywood-news/why-kangana-would-snatch-the-hard-earned-work-of-simrans-writer/

Here’s Why Kangana Ranaut Refuses To Be On Social Media!

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

Celebrities often have contradicting opinions about joining social media. While some of them are quite active online, there are some who prefer to stay away, for reasons best known to them. Katrina Kaif recently gave in and joined Instagram. While we wait to see who’s next in line to join the bandwagon, we know for sure it’s not Kangana Ranaut. The actress has her reasons for staying away from the virtual world, as she told a leading daily:

I am not on the platform. I feel there are two sides to any coin. If they (celebrities) like to enjoy the pampering and the likes, it’s one thing. Then when it goes the other way and you think ‘people are not liking me anymore’ it’s a problem. I do miss seeing moments where I can post a picture and get likes from a million people, but at the same time, I know the repercussions. There are times when everybody will be annoyed with something. They have to understand the frivolous nature of the platform and not take it too seriously.”

Do you agree with Kangana’s school of thought? Tell me in the comments below!

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