“Look At How They Treat Taimur, Misha Or Even AbRam” – Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan and Karan Johar, along with Varun Dhawan were in a puddle of sorts the last weekend after the IIFA. Their skit involved some jokes related to the ‘N’ word – and it didn’t go down well with a majority. Many felt that three industry insiders taking a dig at Kangana Ranaut was unfair, specially because she spoke her mind and the alleged truth.

Soon after, Varun, Karan and Saif apologised for their comments. They said it was all said as a joke which got misinterpreted. But the damage was done. Now Saif wrote an open letter through DNA giving his full and final take on the matter.

Here are a few excerpts from his letter:

“It was not supposed to be a big deal, but I realised at some point, that it might have offended Kangana (Ranaut). I called her and apologised personally. That should be the end of it. Everybody needs to take a chill pill and back off.”

“In today’s world, apologies are made through Twitter or though some other social media platform. That, is basically apologising to your fans and the world in general, instead of apologising to the person concerned, because you don’t want to lose support.”

“I’m sure it’s not the first or the last time I’m going to say something stupid in an attempt to be funny. And I apologised to Kangana, so I don’t owe anybody else an explanation. The issue is over.”

“The real flagbearer of nepotism, I’d say is the media. Look at how they treat Taimur, Shahid’s daughter Misha or even Shah Rukh’s son AbRam. They photograph them and hype them up to be the next big thing and the child has no choice. From a young age they have to deal with being celebrities, which they don’t really deserve, before they can even speak or talk, leave alone understand what is happening.”

“If you say star kids have an advantage, of course, they do. It’s an advantage created by the press because people are interested in them. There is a curiosity to see Taimur, Sara or Ibrahim. It’s supply and demand. People want it, media serves it. So we’re all part of the same vicious circle in that sense.”

Source : https://www.missmalini.com/2017/07/21/look-at-how-they-treat-taimur-misha-or-even-abram-saif-ali-khan/

Karan Johar, Saif Ali Khan, Varun Dhawan and the art of the non-apology

Also known as World Nepotism Day. Also known as the day that one of the biggest sh*tstorms of Bollywood commenced. Also known as the day that Kween Kangana took a big fat mirror, mirror on the wall and held it up to the bad bully of tinsel town.

This day marked the start of Karan ‘flag bearer of nepotism’ Johar’s new identity. It was also the day that the strugglers and the outsiders found a shining, albeit minuscule, beacon of hope.

It was the day that Kangana Ranaut appeared on Karan Johar’s (in)famous chat show Koffee With Karan and left Bollywood as we know it — shook (pardon me, my millennial is showing).

Several controversies later, the Hindi film industry was in the news once again at the IIFA 2017 awards function held in New Jersey — as three of Bollywood’s beaming products of nepotism waved their privileged silver-spoons in the air as they cracked tasteless wisecracks about a strong and unfiltered individual in her absence.

Now I’m all for jokes, even dark humour (AIB roast — hilarious), but when you take a hot topic that affects many (Mumbai isn’t known as the City of Dreams for nothing; outsiders swarm in millions to make something out of themselves here) and make light of the matter on an influential public platform — juxtaposing an issue that many face discrimination over, with ‘yo mama, yo papa’ jokes, especially when you are the very force that forms the driving factor behind said discrimination — then it is clear that you are bullies. Plain and simple.

What followed is a tradition in Bollywood — if there is a statement, there will be a retraction.

Behold, the outpouring of ‘heartfelt’ apologies and ‘genuine regret’ while looking at the incident in hindsight. Behold carefully crafted words scripted by PR representatives of the stars, with the sole purpose of doing damage control before their client’s reputation is blown to smithereens.

So here we have Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan and Saif Ali Khan taking to various social media platforms and giving exclusive one-on-one interviews where they are deeply apologetic over what has transpired.

Because it’s not like they didn’t know they were going to crack the joke right? It’s not like they didn’t conceive, conceptualise and consequently pen the whole damn thing down in their pre-written script for the most awaited award function of Bollywood.

Nope, the joke came out of nowhere, hit them smack in their face and took them by complete surprise; much like their papa-mumma’s legacy.”

Make no mistake, there will be countless more Karans, Saifs and Varuns that will make such comments in the future, just because they can. Because they were born into a family that had already established a name for themselves and these kids were none too happy to accept that, and flaunt it.

Let’s see how Karan Johar would have made his directorial debut without such ease if it weren’t for veteran director Yash Johar a.k.a Karan’s Papa. How Saif Ali Khan would have gotten his big break if it weren’t for yesteryear’s beloved star Sharmila Tagore. How Sara Ali Khan is getting her big break because of her dad. How Varun Dhawan would have blown us all away with his impeccable comic timing without comedy king David Dhawan.

There’s no denying that these individuals are talented — they wouldn’t have been able to sustain themselves in the industry if they weren’t (*cough* Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Esha Deol *cough*), but their parents’ legacy had a lot to do with the turbo push that they received which propelled them towards immediate stardom.

Because what mind boggling level of privilege would you have to come from to actually feel entitled, moreover comfortable, to make the joke ‘Nepotism Rocks’!?

One thing is for sure — Saif, Karan and Varun may not yet have mastered their craft, but they sure have mastered the Art of the Non-Apology.

They will because they can, and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.


Karan Johar on Yash and Roohi being the ‘finest Dharma productions’: I feel blessed every morning by their presence

Karan Johar kids

Filmmaker Karan Johar, who became the father of twins Roohi and Yash via surrogacy, quips that they are the finest “Dharma productions”. While talking about the experience of parenthood during a book launch here on Thursday, Karan said: “It is daunting, exhilarating and shocking in my case. It’s just everything that I thought it would be and everything that’s not. I still look at them and can’t yet believe that they are mine.

“I am just blessed every morning by their presence. I always say that they are the finest Dharma productions, literally and otherwise.” Karan and Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira attended the launch of celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija’s new book Eat Delete Junior: Child Nutrition for Zero to Fifteen Years.

Talking about the challenges of parenthood in terms of nutrition, Karan said: “I am playing both mother and father in this dynamic, so I have a double role to play and for me, it’s even more daunting. I have told myself that I am not going to be a hysterical, hyper parent because I see so many of them around me and specially leading actresses who become mothers. From leading actresses, they become paranoid parents.”

Karan Johar, who debuted with mega hit Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in 1998, had his latest directorial venture in the form of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, and Anushka Sharma. The production company he runs was founded by Karan’s father Yash Johar after which Karan took over the company. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was Karan’s first film as a director.

Source : http://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/karan-johar-yash-roohi-kids-finest-dharma-productions-4730303/

Karan Johar On Fatherhood: Best Phase Of My Life


Filmmaker Karan Johar, who recently became a father to twins – Roohi and Yash, said that it is an overwhelming time for him. The 44-year-old director said it took him a while to adjust to the ‘big change’ in his life.

Source : http://movies.ndtv.com/videos/special/after-roohi-and-yash-s-birth-karan-johar-is-in-the-best-phase-of-his-life-1124?pfrom=home-moviehp_video_special

Jhanvi Kapoor Is Reportedly Debuting Opposite This Star Kid

Ishaan Khattar and Jhanvi Kapoor

There have been a lot of speculations around Jhanvi Kapoor‘s debut for a long time now. There were rumours doing the rounds that she’d star opposite Varun Dhawan in a remake but those have now been put to rest because according to DNA, Jhanvi’s debut has now been confirmed opposite Shahid Kapoor’s younger brother Ishaan Khatter.

The two will star in the hindi remake of the Marathi hit film Sairat and will be helmed by Shashank Khaitan, whose last venture was Badrinath Ki Dulhania. Karan Johar is producing the film and we await further details about the same.

Wow, this is going to be quite something! That’s possibly why the two have been spotted together so often over the last couple of weeks. We’re looking forward to this.

Source : https://www.missmalini.com/2017/06/01/jhanvi-kapoor-is-reportedly-debuting-opposite-this-star-kid/

Here’s What Karan Johar Did For Sara Ali Khan At His Party

Five years ago, Karan Johar introduced Alia Bhatt to the film fraternity at this birthday party. Alia told us all during her Facebook live with Karan on his birthday, that the filmmaker actually took out half an hour from his own party to introduce Alia to everyone in the room. He wanted to make sure she was mingling with the right people and was being noticed.

Cut to five years later and Karan was reportedly doing the same for Saif Ali Khan‘s daughter Sara Ali Khan at his 45th birthday party. The filmmaker apparently introduced her to everyone at the party and of course, made sure she had a good time. Does anyone play mentor as well as KJo does? We think not!

Content Credit:  HindustanTimes

Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar to reunite on the big screen?

Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar

Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar

After the success of their last outing together, 2016 Diwali release Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, reportedly Karan Johar and Ranbir Kapoor are all set to unite again. According to a report by mid-day, they have been meeting a lot lately and are often joined by Ayan Mukerji as well. Ranbir Kapoor is all set to sign the film, however announcement of the same will be made when Karan will finalise the female lead. It is being reported that the film will go on floors next year after Ranbir wraps Sanjay Dutt biopic and Karan’s own production, Dragon, alongside Alia Bhatt, directed by Ayan Mukerji.

Interestingly, it was Karan Johar’s film that got Ranbir Kapoor his much needed success after a slate of flop films. In fact his last hit before Ae Dil Hai Mushkil too was Karan’s own Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

We’ll know soon if the reports of them reuniting are any true or it’s just a baseless rumour like the one that was doing the rounds few months ago where Karan was keen on casting Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor for a film.

Well film or no film, Ranbir Kapoor knows how to stay in news. Be it his various looks that were leaked while he was shooting for Sanjay Dutt biopic or his latest stills from the TVC he just shot.

On work front, Ranbir will be next seen in Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos. The movie has been in the making for quite some time now, and we hope it is able to find a release date soon. The detective comedy also features Katrina Kaif, but the buzz is that the two actors won’t be each other’s love interest in the movie. Also, Ranbir will be seen essaying the role of Sanjay Dutt, in his biopic. The movie is being directed by Rajkumar Hirani. Ranbir has already impressed many with his sheer dedication towards the role. From September 2017, Ranbir will begin shooting for BFF Ayan Mukherji’s Dragon, which also stars Alia Bhatt. He has pretty jam packed schedule for the rest of the year.

Source : http://www.bollywoodlife.com/news-gossip/ranbir-kapoor-and-karan-johar-to-reunite-on-the-big-screen/

Prabhas is in NO HURRY to make his Bollywood debut with Karan Johar – here’s why

Prabhas,Karan Johar

Prabhas,Karan Johar

Prabhas is in huge demand right now and why wouldn’t he be? After all, he is the face of India’s biggest blockbuster Baahubali 2. Everyone is in awe of his performance ever since they have watched the magnum opus. Where fans can’t stop gushing about how adorable he looks. Filmmakers are equally dying to sign him for their forthcoming films, including Karan Johar who is hell bent on launching him in Bollywood. But what’s stopping Prabhas from debuting in Bollywood? If I am not mistaken, he had recently also confessed how he is in no hurry to enter Bollywood. But ever wondered why is he saying that despite having got so insanely popular across the globe? Well, we tell you why…

Our sources EXCLUSIVELY reveal to us that it’s not like Prabhas is not interested in doing a Bollywood film. He is very much kicked about the idea and definitely has Bollywood on his mind. However, currently, even if he wants to do a film, he can’t take it up for he’s already busy with his next, Saaho. Yea, the same film that’s desperately looking out for a female actress. Turns out Karan Johar has been chasing Prabhas with films since quite some time now but the Baahubali actor is firm on NOT taking up anything until he finishes his ongoing projects down South.

No wonder there were speculations about Prabhas even turning down a Rs 18 crore endorsement deal. Guess he wants to gradually soak in the success of Baahubali and climb the ladder to achieve greater heights. But of course, we won’t he surprised if Karan and Prabhas actually collaborate for a Bollywood film within a year from now. What do you think? Do you also feel Prabhas should consider debuting in Bollywood ASAP? Drop your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for more updates on this hot story.

Source : http://www.bollywoodlife.com/news-gossip/prabhas-is-in-no-hurry-to-make-his-bollywood-debut-with-karan-johar-heres-why/

Kajol On Ex-Friend Karan Johar: Best Thing To Do Right Now Is Stay Silent

Karan Johar, Kajol

Karan Johar, Kajol

Filmmaker Karan Johar has written at length about the end of his 25-year friendship with Kajol but for now, the actress is choosing to hold her peace. Kajol, 42, told DNA that silence is the ‘best thing to do right now’ and that if she later opts to speak out, she’ll make sure the world listens. “I think that the best thing for me to do right now, as far as this entire topic is concerned, is to stay silent. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. When and if I choose to give my opinion on this particular topic, I will make sure the world hears of it,” said Kajol to DNA.

She’s certainly sticking to her word – Deccan Chronicle reports that she dodged a question on whether or not she would visit her former friend’s newborn twins.

The rift between Kajol and Karan Johar came to an ugly conclusion last year, after a clash at the box office between Karan’s film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Shivaay, made by and starring Kajol’s husband Ajay Devgn. In a plot twist to rival Bollywood’s best, Ajay posted what he believed was audio evidence that Karan Johar had paid self-styled critic Kamaal R Khan to tweet favourably about his film. This was later proved wrong.

In his autobiography An Unsuitable Boy, Karan blamed Ajay Devgn for the friction between him and Kajol, whom he directed in his films Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, and My Name Is Khan. “She’s killed every bit of emotion I had for her for 25 years. I don’t think she deserves me. I feel nothing for her anymore,” he wrote, adding that “she can never come back into my life.”

Kajol, who posted a tweet in support of her husband after he publicly accused Karan Johar of buying tweets, suggested to DNA that her ex-friend wrote what he did simply to sell his book. “Well, I think there’s a lot of fake honesty going around as well. I really do. There are a lot of people going around and saying, ‘You know I’m being honest’ and actually, it’s just for selling books, or movies and ratings. I don’t know, there are a lot of reasons for faking in front of the camera. Or in front of the public, for that matter. I think honesty has been abused over time and space,” Kajol told DNA.

Karan Johar recently brought his twins – Roohi and Yash, born via surrogacy – home and has been entertaining a steady stream of celeb visitors since. Safe to say Kajol won’t be spotted among them.

Kajol was last seen in Dilwale, opposite Shah Rukh Khan. She is currently prepping for her Tamil film VIP 2, opposite Dhanush. Meanwhile, Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions is in charge of the Hindi release of S S Rajamouli’s Baahubali: The Conclusion. The film hits the theatres on April 28.

Source : http://movies.ndtv.com/bollywood/kajol-on-ex-friend-karan-johar-best-thing-to-do-right-now-is-stay-silent-1677428

Ranveer – Deepika arrive together; Mira Rajput, Kareena party under one roof at KJo’s bash

Karan Johar

Karan Johar

It was and eventful Saturday night for B-town as Karan Johar hosted a bash for celebrated shoemaker Christian Louboutin. Bollywood couples came together in their fashionable best, a look at the picture.


New mommy Karrena Kapoor Khan was seen in ahot black jumpsuit, flaunting her sexy back with hubby Saif Ali Khan! Bebo is rapidly shedding those extra kilos gained during her pregnancy and these pictures are just proof of it.

Putting an end to all rumors suggesting a trouble in DeepVeer’s paradise, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone stole the show as they arrived together.


Another alleged couple, Sidhartha Malhotra and Alia Bhatt arrived at KJo’s house together. Sid and Alia seem all set to make relationship official as they have been spotted at various events togther, unlike before.


King Khan attended his best fiend’s bash too.


Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s daughter. Janhvi Kapoor was spotted at the party too.


While her husband Shahid Kapoor may have skipped the party last night, wifey Mira Rajput looked her fashionable best as she arrived for the party.


Deepika Padukone, 31, looked an ethereal beauty as she donned a floor length anarkali by Sabyasachi which boasted of a hand painted floral pattern!


Arora sisters, Malaika and Amrita snapped as they enter the venue. they were accompained by Anu Deewan who is a regular at Bollywood parties.


Kareena let her hair down as she was joined by BFFs amrite Arora, Manish Malhotra and actress Alia Bhatt for the night.


This picture of the three gorgeous ladies sums up all the fun about last night.


Kareena Kapoor Khan, amrita Arora and Sohil Khan’s wife Seema Khan strike a pose for the lens.


The ever bubbly, Srilankan beauty Jackueline Fernandez was seen in attendance too.


Aamir Kahan’s wife Kiran Rao was papped at the party too last night.


Filmmaker Farah Khan was captured by the shutterbugs as she arrived in her car for the starry night.


Heartthrob Aditya Roy Kapur was all smiles for the camera!


The famous Kareena Kapoor Khan Pout!


Kareena Kapoor Khan Kisses Seema Khan as Amrita Arora clicks a selfie !

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