“It’s Upsetting To Have People Judge You” – Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor and Taimur

Kareena Kapoor and Taimur

Pregnancy never stopped Kareena Kapoor from attending events or being the diva that she is. In fact, she rocked the red carpet and flaunted her baby bump like a boss. And the gorgeous actress started making public appearances right after her delivery. And that set many tongues wagging. Some commented on how she should spend more time with her newborn baby instead of stepping out.

In a recent interview with the popular Bombay Times, the actress opened up about it:

Yes, I was on my feet a few days after the delivery, but it’s upsetting to have people judge you for it. No one has the right to comment on how I conduct myself or what sort of a mother I am. Everyone seems to have an opinion. Postpartum depression is not a must, right?(…) How can anyone decide on my behalf whether I am supposed to feel depressed or if I can step out before 45 days?”

She also spoke about the pressure of being judged constantly:

As a couple, we don’t share details of our lives with the world at large. So, I will not clarify what we do, how I plan to lose weight or what I do with my baby. I enjoyed my pregnancy and I will enjoy my life on my terms. What kind of a mother I am is something that will unfold with time. I will not scream from rooftops about experiencing motherhood or how much I love Taimur. There’s always the pressure of being judged, no matter what you do. It’s about how you deal with it.”

Source : https://www.missmalini.com/2017/04/04/upsetting-people-judge-kareena-kapoor/

Here’s Why Saif Ali Khan Doesn’t Want Karan Johar To Launch His Daughter Sara Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan

Reports of Saif Ali Khan‘s daughter Sara Ali Khan making her big, Bollywood debut have been doing the round for a long time now. While it was assumed that Karan Johar would launch Sara given his closeness to Kareena Kapoor and Saif, we hear that this might not actually be the case.

According to a report in Pinkvilla, Bebo and her girl gang often talk about how Alia Bhatt‘s career has taken off the way it has only because Karan launched her and has been so involved in every step of her career. Everyone know that Karan recommends Alia to directors and actors for all the big projects, and that is what has helped her come this far. Of course, we can’t ignore Alia’s abundant acting talent, but we’d have to agree with this.

But here’s what Saif thinks – he feels that Karan is too involved in Alia’s career and he doesn’t want anyone to have that kind of affect on Sara’s career. He wants her to be more independent. Kareena and Saif are have apparently been at loggerheads when it comes to Sara’s debut. While she understands where Saif is coming from, she feels a launch by KJo can do great things for Sara’s career.

Interesting! We’ll have to wait and see which direction Sara’s career heads in. It’s her choice at the end of the day.

Source : https://www.missmalini.com/2017/02/16/heres-why-saif-ali-khan-doesnt-want-karan-johar-to-launch-his-daughter-sara-ali-khan/

Kareena Kapoor Finally Breaks Her Silence On The Controversy Surrounding Taimur Ali Khan’s Name

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor

Barely a day after the birth of Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi, social media trolls went into a frenzy over the baby’s name. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor‘s new born’s name was mistaken for a Turco-Mongol conqueror from the 14th century, who was also the founder of the Timurid Empire in Persia, but it actually just means iron in Arabic.

Recently, Bebo walked the ramp for Anita Dongre during the Lakme Fashion Week, but before that she spoke to a leading daily about the controversy surrounding Taimur’s name. She said:

It was bizarre. I have no idea why people took my baby’s name so personally. But we love the name and let me put it this way — it has no resemblance to any person living or dead. We love the meaning and I am happy that [some] people came out in support of us so strongly. That support matters more than anything bad that was said or written.”

We love the name too, Bebo!

Source : https://www.missmalini.com/2017/02/06/kareena-kapoor-breaks-her-silence-on-the-controversy-surrounding-taimur-ali-khans-name/

Here’s The First Project Kareena Kapoor Is Doing After Her Maternity Break

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor undeniably set a trend in the country with the way she confidently and gracefully carried herself during her pregnancy and set a precedent for all the pregnant women who shy away from the limelight.

Even during her pregnancy, Kareena was working throughout and also said that she will be back to work soon after her delivery. Now barely a month after giving birth to Taimur Ali Khan, she is reportedly set to walk the ramp for a fashion week next month. Although Bebo is on a 3-month maternity leave, she will be walking for fashion designer Anita Dongre‘s couture label.

Speaking to a leading daily about the same, Anita said:

We’re just completing a highly successful season for our contemporarywear label. Kareena has been a wonderful muse, and we’re already preparing for our next shoot with her in a couple of months. It’s like she was never on a break. Her sheer commitmentto work is exemplary. She, for me, embodies the invincible spirit of every woman, who so skilfully balances all the roles she has to play, and with immense grace.”

So excited to see Kareena on the ramp again!

Source : https://www.missmalini.com/2017/01/14/heres-the-first-project-kareena-kapoor-is-doing-after-her-maternity-break/

Lo And Behold: Taimur Ali Khan Is Making His TV Debut Soon

Saif and Kareen with Taimur

Saif and Kareen with Taimur

With so much hype surrounding his birth, it’s no surprise that little Taimur Ali Khan is already a celebrity. Fans are eagerly waiting to see more of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor‘s tiny bundle of happiness, and well, so are we!

If reports are to be believed, the wish may be granted soon as baby Taimur may make his TV debut in the coming months. According to a report in IndiaForums, an episode of the series, Living with the superstar will showcase the daily life of Saif and also feature his new born.

If the news is indeed true, we are looking forward to this particular episode with bated breath!

Source : https://www.missmalini.com/2016/12/26/lo-and-behold-taimur-ali-khan-is-making-his-tv-debut-soon/

Saif Ali Khan’s Plans Post The Birth Of Taimur Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan, Taimur Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor

Saif Ali Khan, Taimur Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor

After the birth of his son, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi, Saif Ali Khan has decided to take a paternity break to spend some time with him and Kareena Kapoor. Saif, who is currently shooting for the Bollywood remake of Chef will resume work mid-January.

Director Raja Krishna Menon told MumbaiMirror:

It will be a wrap by mid-February. In India we’ve already shot across Kerala and Goa, besides Delhi and Amritsar. I have just completed the recce in the US and Europe. By next week we’ll decide where we will go for the final shoot, it will be one of these two destinations. We are yet to shoot the climax and the destination plays an important part, that shoot will kick off by mid-January.”

Yay! It’s family time for the Pataudis!

Source: https://www.missmalini.com/2016/12/23/saif-ali-khans-plans-post-the-birth-of-taimur-ali-khan/

“Shut The F*ck Up” – Rishi Kapoor Lashes Out At People Outraging Over Taimur Ali Khan

Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor recently became proud parents to a baby boy, who they’ve named Taimur Ali KhanAnd if you’ve been on social media at all this week, you would’ve seen a lot of the outrage surrounding the choice of this name. For the uninformed, Taimur Lang was a Turko-Mongol conqueror who invaded India in 1398 and massacred many people.

Rishi Kapoor took to Twitter to respond to the controversy around this choice of name, saying that it was the parents’ wish and has nothing to do with anyone else:

Things took an ugly turn when people started tweeting him, and he clearly got progressively angrier with each response:

3 4


He finally ended by saying he’d block anyone who continued to argue:


Thoughts? Is his anger justified?

Source : https://www.missmalini.com/2016/12/22/shut-the-fck-up-rishi-kapoor-lashes-out-at-people-outraging-over-taimur-ali-khan/

Kareena Kapoor Reveals Why She Chose To Flaunt Her Pregnancy

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor has been flaunting her pregnancy like a badass because that’s what she is. There has been a lot of chatter about her working and chilling in public during her later stages too (because that’s still unheard of here). In an interview to Grazia, Kareena spoke at length about being an active woman even when she’s due in a matter of days.


If I was guarded or secretive about this (her pregnancy), it would have been a totally different ball game. I do have a stomach and am big. But I have a child in there and I am carrying it proudly. There’s nothing to sit at home and watch Netflix for, I go to work and come back, I don’t want to curl up and hide.”

Interestingly, she plans to lose her post pregnancy weight by February 2017 for the Lakme Fashion Week. Not only that, Kareena is also writing a book documenting her pregnancy and motherhood for her nutritionist friend Rujuta Diwekar‘s next book.

Source : https://www.missmalini.com/2016/12/16/kareena-kapoor-reveals-why-she-chose-to-flaunt-her-pregnancy/

Kareena Kapoor’s Pregnancy Photoshoot Is Absolutely Stunning

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor never ceases to amaze us. Despite being heavily pregnant, she’s out-and-about getting a ton of work done – and looking absolutely gorgeous in the process. Most recently, she did a photoshoot for Hindustan Times, and there are some great photos in there. The actress is 8 months pregnant, but there’s clearly no stopping her.



She was spotted shooting for this just a few days ago:




Absolutely gorgeous!

Source http://www.missmalini.com/2016/11/21/kareena-kapoors-pregnancy-photoshoot-is-absolutely-stunning/

Golden Rose Awards winners list: Sharmila Tagore, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor Khan awarded for their talent, beauty and panache

Golden Rose Awards winners

Golden Rose Awards winners

The first ever Golden Rose Awards were held in Mumbai on Saturday. The awards show aimed at celebrating achievements of Bollywood divas, marked attendance by all the B-town biggies. Shah Rukh Khan hosted the event, along with buddy Karan Johar, and Arjun Kapoor. The guest list was as golden as it could get in the first year of an awards show. Hrithik Roshan, Pooja Hegde, Kartik Aaryan, Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez, Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sharmila Tagore, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit, Kartik Aaryan, Shriya Saran, Karan Kundra amongst many others graced the event with their presence. Yep! Kareena, in her 8th month of pregnancy, came to attend the show, flaunting her baby bump with all the grace.

The awards show saw many fantabulous performances, including Katrina Kaif revisiting her Kala Chashma track with even more energy! Sushant Singh Rajput also made the Sham Shaandaar with his performance. Jacqueline’s act opened the event and was loved by all. Seriously! Crowd could not stop cheering.

As it promised the event was organised to celebrate and honour women-  so it delivered. The night was all about giving the biggest round of applause to the lovely ladies of Bollywood. The winners list of Lux Golden Awards goes like this-

Sharmila Tagore won ‘The Legend Award’

Padma Bhushan Sharmila Tagore was awarded for being a legend. She has been active in Hindi cinema since 1959 and has worked in blockbuster films such as An Evening in Paris, Aaradhna, Mausam.


Pooja Hegde won Best Debutant of the Year

Pooja made her debut opposite Hrithik Roshan, in the film Mohenjo Daro. The period drama was directed by Ashutosh Gowariker.


Kareena Kapoor won the Glamour Diva of the Year


Deepika Padukone won the Iconic Look of the Year


Katrina Kaif won the Most Desirable Diva of the year


Tapsee Pannu won the Rising Star of the Year

Alia Bhatt won the Most Lovable Character of the Year

Priyanka Chopra won International Face of the Year

Source : http://www.bollywoodlife.com/news-gossip/golden-rose-awards-winners-list-sharmila-tagore-deepika-padukone-kareena-kapoor-khan-awarded-for-their-talent-beauty-and-panache/