Pritam Responds To Rishi Kapoor’s Accusations Of Jagga Jasoos Being Delayed


Not too long ago, Rishi Kapoor lashed out at filmmaker Anurag Basu for the delay in making the Jagga Jasoos. Reportedly, Anurag didn’t work with a script, and they weren’t shown the film before the release either. He was upset that all of Ranbir Kapoor‘s hard work and money went to waste given that Ranbir co-produced this film. He also alleged that Basu was still mixing the audio for the film on Wednesday as Pritam delivered the music only one week before the release.

While Anurag has chosen to not comment on the matter, Pritam spoke with PTI about it.

I have spent enough time in the industry to not believe any interview verbatim. Unless I get a personal message, I don’t believe in anything. Rishi Ji is somebody I respect a lot, he is a senior, I’ve grown up watching his films. On top of it, he is Ranbir’s dad. I am in love with Ranbir for his talent and the person he is.”

He also added that Jagga Jasoos was a difficult film to work on.

It was a complicated project and that’s why it took time. It’s not easy to take up a subject like that and live with it for over four years. Anurag is more passionate than I am. All of us did multiple projects during that time but he didn’t do anything else. There was nothing more good, challenging or more fun than Jagga Jasoos. I am really proud of the film. This one is for posterity and I think it will survive time. Anurag is a genius. I’ve worked with so many filmmakers, and he is one of the best we have. He is not only the master in direction and screenplay but also good in all the other aspects of filmmaking.”

What are your thoughts? Have you seen the film yet?

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Rishi Kapoor Opens Up On His Issue With Amitabh Bachchan For The First Time

Rishi Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan

Rishi Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan

Rishi Kapoor recently released his autobiography Khullam Khulla: Uncensored a couple of days ago. The book is turning out to be quite the revelation because for the very first time, Kapoor has spoken at length about his issue with Amitabh Bachchan. Here are some excerpts.

To go back to Amitabh, I must confess there is still a lingering issue I have with Amitabh Bachchan. A big disadvantage of working in an all-star movie in those days was that everybody only wanted to make action films, which automatically meant that the star who could carry off action with the most flair would get the meatiest part. That’s how, with the exception of Kabhi Kabhie, which was a romantic film, none of the multi-starrers I featured in had an author-backed role for me. Directors and writers unfailingly reserved their strongest, pivotal roles for Amitabh Bachchan. And it wasn’t just me. Shashi Kapoor, Shatrughan Sinha, Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna faced it too.

He spoke about how other actors had to work doubly hard to match up to AB.

Amitabh is undeniably a superb actor, immensely talented and, at the time, the number one star who ruled the box-office. He was an action hero, the angry young man. So roles were written for him. Although we may have been smaller stars, we were not lesser actors. Yet, the rest of us had to constantly measure up to him. We had to work hard, really exert ourselves to match up. In my time, the musical/romantic hero had no place. Amitabh was an action hero in an era of action films. As such, writers gave him the lion’s share and he had the authorbacked roles in almost all his films. This gave him an advantage over the rest of us who had to make our presence felt with whatever we got.”

This is where the problem arises.

But this is something that Amitabh has never ever admitted to, in any interview or book. He has never given due credit to the actors who have worked with him. He has always credited his writers and directors, Salim-Javed, Manmohan Desai, Prakash Mehra, Yash Chopra and Ramesh Sippy. But it is also true that his co-stars had an undeniable role in his success. Shashi Kapoor in Deewaar (1975), Rishi Kapoor in Amar Akbar Anthony and Coolie or Vinod Khanna, Shatrughan Sinha and Dharmendra all contributed to the success of his films where they shared credit with him, even if in secondary roles. This is something no one has realized or acknowledged. But it was the way things were and we accepted it gracefully.”

Interesting. We wonder what Amitabh Bachchan has to say about this.

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“Shut The F*ck Up” – Rishi Kapoor Lashes Out At People Outraging Over Taimur Ali Khan

Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor recently became proud parents to a baby boy, who they’ve named Taimur Ali KhanAnd if you’ve been on social media at all this week, you would’ve seen a lot of the outrage surrounding the choice of this name. For the uninformed, Taimur Lang was a Turko-Mongol conqueror who invaded India in 1398 and massacred many people.

Rishi Kapoor took to Twitter to respond to the controversy around this choice of name, saying that it was the parents’ wish and has nothing to do with anyone else:

Things took an ugly turn when people started tweeting him, and he clearly got progressively angrier with each response:

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He finally ended by saying he’d block anyone who continued to argue:


Thoughts? Is his anger justified?

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Rishi Kapoor To Consult Lawyers Regarding Ganpati Visarjan Controversy

Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor

If sources close to the Kapoor family are to be believed, then Rishi Kapoor, who calls a spade a spade, is not taking recent incidents lying down.

The chaos caused at the Ganpati visarjan and the controversy that evolved out of it has led to a lot of disturbance between the Kapoor family, media and fans. A video that surfaced online recently showcased the Kapoors pushing reporters, and there were claims that Ranbir Kapoor pushed a reporter after he got into a car. However, the reporter in question told us that’s not what happened, and that the video was edited to look like that.

A source close to the Kapoor family revealed that Rishi Kapoor will be consulting his lawyers on Monday. As he feels that unnecessarily Ranbir has been targeted.

Rishi Kapoor did push some people as they were coming in the way of the procession and it was raining very heavily and he has accepted that also, but the video has been tampered with and some footage in between has been edited. The journalist was not hit by Ranbir, he fell on his own. But the video shows as if he was pushed. So he will be consulting his lawyers on Monday and then taking a call.”

He also tweeted:


Rishi Kapoor, who was an awardee at the Giants Award yesterday evening, also mentioned this in front of Union Minister of HRD Prakash Javedkar and some Rajya Sabha members to huge applause, promising prompt action against whosoever wronged the family.


Journalist who was pushed by Rishi Kapoor finally speaks up and his reply will SURPRISE you!


Randhir Kapoor, Rajeev Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor faced the ire of many journalists after a shocking video showing Rishi and Randhir misbehaving with the media personnel went viral on the Internet. The video was captured during the Ganpati visarjan at RK Studios.

Rishi expressed his displeasure about the whole fiasco and claimed that it was wrong on the media’s part to make this a big issue without asking them for any clarification. In the video, we can see a journalist getting hit right at the end, when a bodyguard pushes and drops him on the floor.


Ganapati immersion procession

The journalist, Sumit Sharma from India TV finally broke his silence and explained what actually happened that day.

“I was going towards Ranbir with my cameraman to take his byte, but he sat in the car and left. The camera wire got stuck in my foot and I fell down on my own. The video has been cleverly edited because Ranbir never pushed or hit me. In fact, no one checked with me before carrying that video. I have no malice against Rishiji, Randhirji or Ranbir. There were a lot of us walk around close to Rishiji and he didn’t ask us to move aside or push us… I was there during the whole Ganpati procession that day… Given all the practical conditions – the heavy rains, the crowd going berserk, the Kapoor family did not target or misbehave with any media persons.”

Hopefully this puts an end to all such speculations and reports.

In an interview to Pinkvilla, Rishi said, “I feel it is very unfair, what the news channels have shared everywhere. First of all we have no PR. We never invite anybody. You yourself come to my Ganpati. However, we give ample time to the press to do all what you have to do, in front of the Ganpati murthy. We do this Ganpati not for publicity but have been doing it for the past 64 yrs. My grandfather started this tradition. There have always been thousands and thousands of people coming to see this Ganpati of RK. They came to see Ganpati, not us. Over 64 yrs they have been coming to see the immersion. When the Ganpati leaves RK studio, everybody is excited.”

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“We Have No Say In His Choice” – Rishi Kapoor Spills The Beans On Ranbir Kapoor’s Love Life


Rishi Kapoor is known to wear his heart on his sleeve but when it comes to his son Ranbir Kapoor, Chintu ji is never eager to share details. In a recent interview by Filmfare though, Rishi Kapoor was being rather candid. Talking about his son’s love life that’s often in the news, he said:

“I do not interfere in his personal life. Today’s children will rather opt for live-in than go in for an arranged marriage. We have no say in Ranbir’s choice. He had two relationships in the past with his co-actresses. We had no problem. It is up to him who he wants as a girlfriend, as a wife or works with as a co-actor. We would only be happy to have a daughter-in-law.”

That’s sweet 🙂


Rishi Kapoor scores hat-trick with Dharma Productions


Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has scored a hat-trick with filmmaker Karan Johar’s banner Dharma Productions.

The actor has collaborated with the banner for films like ‘Agneepath’, where he essayed the role of Rauf Lala; ‘Student Of The Year’, where he played dean Yogendra Vashishth and ‘Kapoor & Sons’, where he played a nonagenarian.

The 63-year-old took to Twitter to mention his achievement.

“Aahh! Without sounding immodest, somebody just pointed out — I scored a ‘hat-trick’ with Dharma (Productions)! ‘Agneepath’, ‘Student Of The Year (SOTY)’, ‘Kapoor & Sons (K&S)’. Not bad, Cricket in the air!” he tweeted.

‘Kapoor & Sons’, which released on Friday, tells the journey of members of a Kapoor family. The film also stars Alia Bhatt, Fawad Khan and Sidharth Malhotra.

Other actors in the romantic drama, produced by Karan, are Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah.

Dharma Productions was established by late filmmaker Yash Johar in 1979. It was taken over in 2004 after his death by his son Karan.

The company’s first production was the 1980 film ‘Dostana’ which featured megastar Amitabh Bachchan, Shatrughan Sinha, and Zeenat Aman.

The production house reached a turning point with the release of Karan’s directorial debut, ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ starring superstar Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Rani Mukerji.


Shabana Azmi lauds Rishi Kapoor in ‘Kapoor & Sons’


Five-time National Award winner Shabana Azmi has lauded veteran actor Rishi Kapoor for playing the role of a nonagenarian in ‘Kapoor and Sons’.

The 65-year-old actress even appreciated director Shakun Batra and fillmaker Karan Johar for the film.

“Loved ‘Kapoor & Sons’. Rishi Kapoor steals the show. All actors first rate… Shakun Batra, Karan Johar, Fox Star Hindi, take a bow. Hindi cinema comes of age,” she tweeted.

‘Kapoor & Sons’, which released on Friday, tells the journey of members of a Kapoor family. The film also stars Alia Bhatt, Fawad Khan and Sidharth Malhotra.

Other actors in the romantic drama, produced by filmmaker Karan Johar, are Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah.

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Rishi Kapoor: I couldn’t recognise myself


Rishi Kapoor plays an 85- year-old grouchy, bullying old man in his upcoming film, ‘Kapoor & Sons’ and this is what he’s going to look like. His make-up is done by none other than Greg Cannom, Hollywood’s famed makeup artist who won the Academy Award for his work in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ (2008), ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ (1993) and ‘Dracula’ (1992). Kapoor takes us through the ordeal that he went through to get the drastically different look that was finally achieved.


“When Karan (Johar) and the director Shakun (Batra) came to meet me, I suggested that they take Cannom because I had heard of him. I was not sure about this suggestion being agreed upon since it would be a costly affair, but Karan agreed even though he knew that this would cost him around Rs 1.5 to Rs 1.75 crore. Shakun and I met up with Cannom and discussed the look and we decided that it would be a mix of Rishi Kapoor and A K Hangal’s look.

During the shoot, I had to sit for five hours every day for almost a month and I had to wake up at 5 am. I am a drinking man and people say I have no patience, but for me to wake up early every day and sit for five hours straight was a bit of a task. It would take that much time to put the make up on and then about an hour to remove it at the end of the day. Cannom has invented these really thin silicon layers that were like second skin. He would use eight of them — six on my face and two on my hands. Then he would create everything, the wrinkles, age spots, everything. I am so grateful that I got this opportunity. He was here for Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Fan’ and that’s how we got in touch with him,” he explains.

However, things weren’t really wonderful on the sets after the five-hour ordeal. “Throughout the film I would be fighting with the director. Every scene, every shot we fought. My problem was that he would take the entire scene from every angle which made me uncomfortable. I might be old fashioned, but I cannot create spontaneity if you are going to shoot from every angle. We were on the same page as actors but not as far as execution was concerned. However, the end product is what matters,” he adds.

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Rishi Kapoor Dares The Police To Arrest Him!


Kiku Sharda getting arrested due to mimicking Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has been garnering a lot of attention all over the country, and rightly so. Comedy is an art and if we start putting everyone who ‘offends’ our sensibilities in jail then I really don’t know what the future will hold for us. Anyway, celebrities have been tweeting their support for Kiku since this incident took place, and Rishi Kapoor as always had the most badass thing to say.

Well said!

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